Chrisean Rock’s Pre-Fame Photos and Facial Changes

Fans of Chrisean Rock have been wondering what the reality star looked like before she rose to fame, and how her appearance has changed over time.

Rock first gained public attention for her appearance on Blueface’s reality show “Blue Girls Club,” where she was known as the rapper’s girlfriend.

Before her reality TV stint, Rock had already been pursuing a career in music and had released several music videos, in which she was missing a tooth. This has led to many questions from fans about what happened to her tooth and why it was missing.

Despite her rise to fame, the mystery of Chrisean Rock’s missing tooth continues to intrigue her fans, and many are still searching for answers about what caused the change in her appearance.

Photos of Chrisean Rock Before She Became Famous

Chrisean Rock, who gained popularity after participating in Blueface’s reality show “Blue Girls Club,” had a distinctive feature in her music videos: a missing front tooth. She revealed that the reason behind her tooth loss was due to a fight with Blueface’s ex-girlfriend, who is also the mother of his child.

The incident happened when the ex-girlfriend discovered that Chrisean had gotten a tattoo of Blueface’s name on her face, using blue ink. They were not supposed to be publicly recognized as a couple, which led to the confrontation.

During the altercation, Chrisean hit her head on the ground and lost her front tooth. She chose not to get it fixed for a long time, and hence, was often seen in music videos without her front tooth.

Following a fight, Blueface offered Chrisean Rock some money to fix her tooth, but she refused, as she was proud and did not want to give in. She even shot a music video with a gap in her teeth.

However, after gaining some popularity, people started noticing her missing tooth, and she received negative comments and trolling.

Eventually, she decided to have her tooth fixed, resulting in a noticeable difference in her appearance. It’s safe to say that Chrisean Rock looked quite different before she rose to fame and is now a changed person from when she released her first rap.

Chrisean Rock’s Facial Transformation: What Changes Has She Made?

Chrisean Rock’s missing tooth has been a topic of discussion among her fans, and she finally decided to fix it after enduring trolls and criticism. The tooth was knocked out in a fight with her boyfriend’s ex, but she didn’t want to get it fixed for some time.

However, the trolls and questions from fans prompted her to get a new tooth implanted in her gums, which had Blueface’s face on it. She posted a video on Instagram on July 9, 2022, revealing her new tooth.

While some people have noticed a change in her appearance, she hasn’t done anything to alter her face. Chrisean clarified that she is satisfied with the portrait of Blueface on her new tooth.

How Much Is Chrisean Rock Net Worth

According to sources, the current net worth of Chrisean Rock, a musician and social media personality, is estimated to be $2 million.

She primarily earns from her successful career as a musician, having released several hit songs. It is possible that she also has other sources of income, such as businesses or investments, which she has not disclosed publicly.

However, there is limited information available about her income and financial assets, and she has not publicly shared many details about her earnings.

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