Comparison of Clermont Twins’ Appearance Before and After Plastic Surgery

The Clermont Twins, Shannon and Shannade, have garnered attention from fans who are curious about their rumored plastic surgeries. This article explores the topic of the Clermont Twins Before Plastic Surgery.

Known for their roles as models, fashion designers, influencers, and TV personalities, the Clermont Twins have made a significant impact on the fashion industry. Their rise to fame began with their appearance on the fourteenth season of the reality TV show, Bad Girls Club.

Since then, the twins have built a large online and social media presence, becoming well-known figures in the fashion industry. Like many celebrities in the modeling and fashion world, the Clermont Twins have been the subject of rumors about plastic surgeries and other beauty treatments.

Prior to their rise to fame, the twins won a six-month program at an acting and modeling school and worked as stand-ins for TV shows, including Tyler Perry’s House of Payne.

Plastic Surgery Rumors Surrounding Clermont Twins: Fact or Fiction?

The Clermont twins, Shannon and Shannade, both started their modeling careers at the age of 14. With the release of their older photos, it’s easy to notice the changes in their appearance. Recently, a video clip surfaced on social media showing the twins getting their lips plumped or some other form of facial treatment, which left fans surprised and questioning if they had undergone plastic surgery.

According to sources, the Clermont twins seem to be aware that undergoing more surgeries leads to more attention, and they intentionally do so for monetary purposes. However, another source expressed concerns about their constant morphing and changing, as well as that of others such as Aubrey O’Day. While the source is supportive of cosmetic surgery, they worry that individuals who undergo frequent procedures might not feel like they are enough in the long run, leading to unfavorable outcomes.

Comparing Clermont Twins’ Appearance Before and After Plastic Surgery

After their debut on the reality television show Bad Girls Club, rumors began to circulate about changes to the appearance of the Claremont Twins.

Comparisons of the Claremont Twins before and after their rise to fame on the show have become well-known, and many people speculate that the sisters may have had plastic surgery due to their notably different appearances.

Shannade and Shannon Clermont, also known as the Clermont Twins, have confirmed that they have had cosmetic surgery on various parts of their bodies, except their breasts. They have had buttock, cheek, chin, and lip augmentations.

Their lawyer, Jeffrey Lichtman, revealed that the sisters started the Clermont Foundation to address mental health issues after Shannade experienced suicidal thoughts during a legal proceeding.

The Clermont Twins gained even more notoriety in January 2018 after appearing in Kanye West’s “Yeezy Season 6” collection. The sisters, along with Paris Hilton and other models, were featured as “clones” of Kim Kardashian.

Meet the Parents of the Clermont Twins: A Closer Look at Their Family

Shannon and Shannade Clermont were born on March 21, 1994, in Montclair, New Jersey, to immigrant parents. According to their Wikipedia page, they have three siblings, including one sister and two brothers. Their mother, who is from Jamaica, runs a daycare, while their father, who is from Haiti, owns a moving company.

From a young age, the Clermont twins were interested in fashion, inspired by their aunt who worked as a fashion designer in New York City. While both Shannon and Shannade received full college scholarships in Georgia, Shannon attended the Fashion Institute of Technology for fashion merchandising, and Shannade attended Parsons School of Design for strategic design. In 2016, the twins graduated with bachelor’s degrees.

The Clermont twins’ fame grew after their appearance on the reality television series “Bad Girls Club.” In 2018, they gained even more public recognition after being featured in Kanye West’s “Yeezy Season 6” collection, where they were seen alongside models such as Paris Hilton as “clones” of Kim Kardashian.

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