EXCLUSIVE | K-rock band 2Z share excitement of their first world tour

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(Written by Nandini Iyengar)

South Korean rock band 2Z debuted on January 14, 2020 with the EP ‘WE Tuzi’. The quintet is different from other idol groups as most of the members started their careers as fashion models. They eventually found their calling for music and formed a band. The band is quite multifaceted as well. Be it acting in a drama, or playing different instruments, 2Z has tried it all and is here to enthral their fans. They came back with the album ‘Reworks’ and its title track ‘Keep the Promise’ on April 30 while preparing for their first world tour ‘The 1st Moment’.

2Z debuted under the company GOGO2020. They are holding their solo concert ‘The 1st Moment’ on April 30 in Seoul, South Korea. The band will be performing their original tracks and some cover songs as well. They are also soon to embark on their first international concert to Brazil and Mexico. Well, MEAWW got a chance to ask them about their music-making process and first world tour. In an exclusive interview with MEAWW, 2z gave tons of spoilers on an upcoming OST, next release, how they were preparing for their concerts and their fandom’s official color!

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