Grace Caroline Currey’s Family: Parents Damian and Alisa

Grace Caroline Currey comes from a family of four, consisting of her parents, Damian Fulton and Alisa, and her younger brother, Soren Fulton. Grace began her acting career at a young age and her most memorable role was playing a four-year-old version of Heather Paige Kent’s character in an episode of the TV series, “Such is Reality” that aired in 2001.

One of her most notable roles was in the 2019 DC Universe movie Shazam!, where she played the character of Mary Bromfield. Her fans and critics also appreciate her performance in the 2017 horror movie Annabelle: Creation.

Recently, she has been confirmed to be a part of the upcoming sequel to Shazam!, called Fury of the Gods, which is set to be released on March 17, 2023. In the movie, she will reprise her role as Mary Bromfield, who is also known as Superhero Mary.

Caroline Currey’s family consists of her parents, brother, and currently, her husband. She and her partner live in LA.

Although Caroline began acting at the age of four, her family mostly encouraged her to become a skilled actress.

During her early years, Caroline enjoyed roles that required her to cry because she was told it would evoke a deeper emotion in her loved ones, especially the older members of her family.

When she turned eighteen, her father enrolled her at the prestigious Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London. She participated in a summer intensive program where she got to attend a professional acting class and spent some time away from home.

She fondly remembers her father playing classical music in the living room while he worked, with a large circular rug at the center of the room. She used to follow the pattern of the rug with her feet, dancing to the rhythm of the music.

As she matured, Grace Caroline Currey developed a passion for the art of ballet. She loved the feeling of her body moving like marble and spent hours every day practicing in class. Grace’s parents, Damian and Alisa, hail from Orange County, Los Angeles.

Damian was drawn to LA’s thriving entertainment and advertising industry and he graduated from California State University, where he studied art. He began creating his own art, which was influenced by his experiences in Southern California.

He had a significant breakthrough in his career when he performed at the Gas Show, and since then, he has been performing all around the world. Grace Caroline Currey’s father, Damian, and mother, Alisa, hail from Orange County, Los Angeles.

Damian was attracted to Los Angeles due to its thriving entertainment and advertising scene, and he graduated from California State University with a degree in art. He began creating his own artwork, which reflected his experiences in Southern California.

Grace used to attend various art shows with her father, where she was impressed by the creativity and beauty of the art. On Fulton’s birthday, Currey expressed her gratitude for her father in a heartfelt post. She conveyed that they were still very close by saying she could talk to him all day and listen to his dreams.

The artist’s work is influenced by various sources, including Mad Magazine, Batman, and California cars.

Alisa Marie Fulton, Grace Caroline Currey’s mother, raised her two children in Los Angeles with the intention of making them a part of the entertainment industry. She became a mother in 1996 when she gave birth to her daughter, Grace Caroline Currey.

Grace Caroline Currey’s younger brother, Soren Fulton, is also a talented actor. Soren is well-known for his role in Thunderbirds.

Soren Fulton is a well-known actor who is recognized for his exceptional portrayal of Denny Austin in the series “Ring of Endless Light.” He has also acted in the movie “Saving Sarah Cain,” showcasing his diverse acting skills. Soren was born in June 1991, and currently, he is 31 years old. According to the film database website, he has credits for starring in seventeen different series and films.

Apart from acting, Soren has also lent his voice for the character of Mordred in the famous animation series “Justice League.” He has also appeared in some TV shows such as “The Oaks” and “MADtv.” In addition, he played the character of Ralph Spaulding (aka Pip) in the short stage play called “Any Friend of Nicholas Nickelby’s is a Friend of Mine,” which he shared with Jeremy Sumpter.

After attending an ‘American Infection Missions’ video presentation at his church, Soren was inspired to start donating to the cause. Now, from each acting job he does, he donates enough money to help cure another child of the illness.

Grace Caroline’s sibling shares her passion for entertainment, as he pursued a career in music and acting like her. The two are very close, as seen in a photo posted on her Instagram from a vacation they took together. Whenever she goes to visit him, they enjoy watching movies together.

Grace Caroline Currey and Branden Curry tied the knot on January 1st, 2023. Branden works as a structural engineering designer at KPFF Consulting.

The couple started dating in 2019 and announced their relationship on Instagram with a photo of them going on a hike that thrilled their followers.

Branden proposed to Grace after two years of dating on May 9th, 2021. He has been sharing their joyful and special moments on his Instagram.

On January 1st, 2023, the couple exchanged their vows to spend a lifetime together in Colorado, USA. The ceremony took place outdoors near the mountains surrounded by their loved ones who gave the newlyweds their blessings.

Branden Curry, the husband of Grace Caroline Currey, is a well-known structural engineer. He earned his bachelor’s degree from the University of Southern California and is a member of the USC American Society of Civil Engineers and Chi Epsilon Civil Engineering Honor Society. With over four years of experience, he currently works at KPFF Consulting Engineers as a Structural Design Engineer. His LinkedIn profile also indicates that he interned at the same company for a year.

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