Larry Elder’s Family and Wealth: Married to Alexandra Datig

If you’re curious about the personal life of Larry Elder, an American conservative talk radio broadcaster, author, politician, and attorney, you’ve come to the right place. Larry hosts The Larry Elder Show, which is based in California and has a long history.

The show debuted in 1993 as a local program on Los Angeles radio station KABC and aired there until 2008, before returning from 2010 to 2014. From 2002 to 2007, the program was nationally syndicated through ABC Radio Networks, and from 2015 until 2022, it was syndicated through Salem Media Group.

Despite these successes, Larry’s ties to the far-right newspaper, The Epoch Times, which has connections to the Falun Gong movement, have been a source of controversy.

In addition to his radio work, Larry is also an accomplished writer. He has authored several nonfiction books and a popular column for Creators Syndicate. In 2021, Elder entered politics for the first time, running as a Republican in the recall vote for Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom of California.

Despite being a relative newcomer to the political arena, Elder’s campaign was successful, and he finished as the top replacement candidate. Unfortunately for him, the recall was soundly defeated.

Is Alexandra Datig Larry Elder’s Spouse?

Larry Elder is known for being candid about his political views, but he has been quite reserved when it comes to his personal life. Despite that, there are some details available about his relationship with Alexandra Datig, who is said to be his wife.

According to reports, Elder tied the knot with Datig in 2014, after knowing her for several years. However, rumors have circulated claiming that the couple ended their engagement in 2015. Since then, Elder has made some allusions to his “girlfriend” on social media, but he hasn’t clarified if he is currently dating anyone.

Alexandra Datig

Alexandra, who is now 53 years old, was once engaged to Larry Elder, as many reports suggest. She is known for her appearances in the History Channel’s documentary, “Marijuana: A Chronic History,” and has been a guest on the Tucker Carlson Tonight show. Additionally, Alexandra has contributed significantly to the “Larry Elder Show,” creating more than a hundred episodes.

Alexandra was born in Luzern, Switzerland, and grew up in a family with a Hollywood connection. Her father was an American who belonged to the wealthy elite of Hollywood. He had served in the Second World War and had suffered an injury during the war. Her mother, on the other hand, was a Swiss haute couture model.

Besides her engagements in the entertainment industry, Datig is also a renowned political analyst who has provided her expertise to various media outlets such as Fox News, ABC, CBS, CNN, NBC, and C-SPAN.

Exploring Larry Elder’s Ethnicity and Family Background, Including His Parents

Larry Elder was born on April 27, 1952, in California, U.S, as the middle child among three brothers. He spent his formative years in Los Angeles, growing up in the Pico-Union and South Central neighborhoods.

Elder’s father, Randolph (1915–2011), hailed from Athens, Georgia. He had served as a sergeant in the U.S. Marine Corps during World War II and later moved to California as part of the Second Great Migration after the war.

In 1962, Randolph Elder established a coffeehouse in Pico-Union, having previously worked as a janitor at Nabisco. After his father’s passing in 2011, Larry Elder reminisced, “My dad was a tough, forthright man who frequently intimidated my two brothers and myself. But we never questioned his devotion to or affection for his family.”

In 2013, Elder and Kirk accepted a Congressional Gold Medal on behalf of their father from U.S. Representative Dana Rohrabacher, a high honor for his service during World War II.

Larry Elder’s mother, Viola (1924–2006), was born in Toney, Alabama, and worked as a clerical assistant for the American Department of War during World War II. It’s interesting to note that while his mother was a Democrat, his father was a Republican, indicating that Larry Elder may have been exposed to both sides of the political spectrum from an early age.

What is Larry Elder’s Net Worth in 2023?

Larry Elder, the well-known radio talk show host, is estimated to have a net worth of around $17 million, as per reliable sources. It’s no surprise that his long-running program, The Larry Elder Show, has been the main source of his considerable wealth over the years.

Apart from his radio work, Elder is also a prolific author, having penned several noteworthy books like A lot Like Me, Double Standards, What’s Race Got to Do with It?, Showdown, and The Ten Things You Can’t Say in America, among others.

In 2018, Elder put up his Hollywood Hills West property for sale at an asking price of $5.2 million, which he had purchased for $1.65 million back in 2000. Additionally, Elder produced the critically acclaimed documentary “Uncle Tom” in 2020.

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