Le Sserafim ‘Fearless’: Release date, tracks, and all about HYBE’s first girl group

In this post, know more about Le Sserafim ‘Fearless’: Release date, tracks, and all about HYBE’s first girl group.

A record-breaking album is on the way as HYBE’s newest girl group is finally making their highly-anticipated debut in May of 2022. With back-to-back releases, HYBE labels is pushing a total of four new releases in May 2022. With Le Sserafim (Lesserafim), HYBE’s newest girl group managed by Source Music, taking the lead followed by TXT’s new mini-album, and then Enhypen releasing their Japanese album with Seventeen (from HYBE’s subsidiary Pledis Entertainment) closing off at the end of May as June heralds a new album from BTS.

Looks like Le Sserafim has no issues with all the competition that exists in the K-pop industry because the girl group’s popularity is already sky-soaring. On April 30 it was announced that the pre-orders for their first mini-album ‘Fearless’ had already exceeded 380,000 copies which are exceptional for a pre-debut girl group. Being the first girl group coming from HYBE, the founder of the label, Bang Si-Hyuk aka Bang PD has taken charge of the production of the six-member group’s debut album.

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Chaewon, Sakura, Yunjin, Kazuha, Garam and Eunchae are set to debut in Le Sserafim (@le_sserafim/Instagram)

Release Date

Le Sserafim is set to make a debut with their first mini-album ‘Fearless’ on May 2 at 6 pm KST (5 am ET)

How to Listen

HYBE’s first girl group’s debut album ‘Fearless’ will be released on all major music streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, MelOn and more.



1. ‘The World Is My Oyster’
2. ‘FEARLESS’ (Title Track)
3. ‘Blue Flame’
4. ‘The Great Mermaid’
5. ‘Sour Grapes’

HYBE has released the tracklist for Le Sserafim’s first mini-album ‘Fearless’. With five songs on the mini-album, the single ‘Fearless’ is its title track. HYBE Labels’ founder and executive producer Bang Si-hyuk (Bang PD) has worked on the title track as well as the b-side track, ‘The Great Mermaid’. Starting to show their talent and excellent music skills from their very first album, Le Sserafim’s Chaewon and Yunjin worked on the lyrics of the song, ‘Blue Flame’ which has fans theorizing already.

It has been reported that the title track, ‘Fearless’ will be a funk-based alternative pop genre song that tells the story of Le Seraphim members who go by the tagline, ‘I am Fearless’, as they move on to their new journeys of being idols without any fear in the world. With Bang PD producing the song and working on its composition, the singer-songwriter BLVSH and American pop artist Destiny Rogers, who last worked on BTS’ ‘Life Goes On’ the song is bound to have an impactful success.



A lot of questions had initially been raised about HYBE presenting the Le Sserafim girls, who are essentially minors in a highly sexual concept. Now as the tracklist of the album has been released, fans can be reassured that the concept photos are pertaining to the nature of songs on Le Sserafim’s debut album. In the most recently released concept photo, all six members of the girl group showed off their elegance as they dressed up in an outfit that was reminiscent of a mermaid.

All six members created a perfect visual combination where an overwhelmingly vibrant scale of colors could be seen in the photos. Over the course of Le Sserafim’s album promotions, members were seen in a wide range of concepts including the sport-girl vibe as they were dressed in leather jackets while another concept saw the members in colorful dresses. This goes on to show how the girl group is trying to put out a wide range of concepts that tries to match the vibe of each song.



After the thrilling concept photos were released followed by the amazing record of pre-orders for Le Sserafim’s debut album, ‘Fearless’ the teaser for the title track of the same name was released featuring all six members of the group as they boasted fantastic visuals. Fans were able to see Sakura riding on a bike while Kazuha boldly sat on a vehicle hanging down from a crane. Fans were able to see Huh Yun-jin wearing boxing gloves as if she were ready for a fight and maknae Eunchae was seen beaming confidently. Garam was seen sitting on the stairs with a relaxed expression which she often shows and Chaewon recited the lyrics as she declared, “I’m fearless.”

Watch the teaser for Le Sserafim’s debut single here,