A Look Into Matt Helders New Girlfriend and Dating Life After Divorce With Breana McDow

A Look Into Matt Helders New Girlfriend and Dating Life After Divorce With Breana McDow
Drummer, vocalist, and songwriter from England, Matt Helders tied the knot with his longtime girlfriend and future wife, Breana McDow, in the year 2016.
Helders started a romantic relationship with the model Breana McDow in the year 2011. Their engagement took place in 2013, and the wedding took place in 2016.

The year 2015 marked the arrival of the couple’s daughter, Amelia Darling Helders. In Los Angeles, Helders resides. The year 2019 began with him submitting a divorce petition.

After his divorce with Breana McDow, Matt Helder is moving on with his dating life and has a new girlfriend.

The year 2019 was the beginning of the end for Matt and his marriage to Breana McDow, who was his wife at the time. After a marriage lasting two years, Matt Helders initiated the divorce process with his now-ex-wife. It is currently unknown what led to the dissolution of the relationship between the model and the drummer for the Arctic Monkeys.

They welcomed a daughter in June of 2016 and named her Amelia Darling. She is now three years old. Their wedding took place in Italy. The English rock band Arctic Monkeys, of whom Matt is a founding member and was born in Sheffield, England, has used Breana in three of their music videos. Breana is a star of the band’s music videos.

Helders loves to play the drums while wearing a pair of comfy runners rather than jeans because of the movement and sweating involved in playing the instrument. According to Helders, most people do not want to perspire in their pants and then wear them the following day. It’s possible that some people would call what you’re doing rock and roll, but He describes it as unclean.

Is There Another Woman in Matt Helders’s Life?

The fact that Matt is still married to the woman named Bree Helders, whom he has been seeing since 2012, has been reported by a great number of news websites on the internet. Matt is not only an exceptional musician, but also a successful businessman in addition to his other talents.

Helders presented his new clothing line, which consisted of a hoodie with a zipped front, a jacket, and three different T-shirts. In May of 2007, the outfit was offered for sale alongside a CD that featured a remix of Arctic Monkeys’s music that had been produced by Supremebeing designer Skuff and Helders. With each purchase, one pound was going to be donated to the Arthur Rank Hospice.

Musician Helders Net Worth In 2022

A singer, composer, and musician from England, Matt Helders has amassed a net worth of $16 million over the course of his career. Matt Helders was born in the month of May in the year 1986 in Sheffield, England. It was as a founding member, drummer, and backup vocalist for the rock band Arctic Monkeys that he rose to prominence in the media.

The band first performed together in 2002, and in 2006, they issued the album Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not, which debuted at number one in the charts in the United Kingdom, Australia, and Ireland. Helders has maintained a strong connection to his roots and has stated that travelling has increased his appreciation for Sheffield, the city that continues to act as a source of creativity for the band’s music.

There are still a great deal of things to talk about all around him in his writing. When people travel, they see a lot of places that they possibly would not want to live in, and when people go home, it’s simple for them to fall back into their old habits and visit all of the same sites as before. He made this observation in one of his songs. Helders adds that, despite the band’s reputation, he is still able to avoid being harassed by fans when walking down the street.

Helders claimed that the drums were the only instrument that could be played at this point. When they first got together to establish a band, none of the band members had any songs that they could play. They were exclusively responsible for assembly.

They all had guitars, and ultimately he bought a drum kit to go along with it. Helders has acknowledged the influence that rap music has had on the band, stating that the members of the band were more fans of the genre when they were in high school than they are now, and that it continues to have an influence on them in some areas. For instance, Helders claims that seeing Queens of the Stone Age perform live has a huge impact on the development of his drumming skills.


Name Matt Helders
Nickname Matthew Helders
Gender Male
Date of Birth 7-May-1986
Age in 2022 36
Birth Place Sheffield, England
Country England
Nationality English
Height None (m)
Weight Unknown (KGs)
Profession Drummer
Famous as Drummer, Vocalist, And Songwriter

Matt Helders Age, and Birthday Info 2022

How old is Matt Helders? In this section we will talk about Matt Helders’s age and birthday related info. Matt Helders’s actual age is 36, and his birthday is on 7-May-1986. When is Matt Helders’s next birthday? The next birthday of Matt Helders is on 07 May, 2023.