‘American Song Contest’: Jury slammed for Arizona’s Las Marias’ low ranking

In this post, know more about ‘American Song Contest’: Jury slammed for Arizona’s Las Marias’ low ranking .

Week four of ‘American Song Contest’ features artists from Washington, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Arizona, Washington, D.C., Georgia, Nevada, Utah, Massachusetts and New Hampshire are geared up to rock the main stage and so far, it has been a tough competition.

Week 1 saw Hueston from Rhode Island make it to the semi-finals, while week 2 saw Jordan Smith from Kentucky advance forward. Week 3 had Tennessee’s Tyler Braden make the cut with his song, ‘Seventeen’. And now, the question is, who will the jury vote for in week 4? Among the hopeful artists, this week is Arizona’s very own Las Marias!

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Las Marias, made up of twins Maria Isabel and Maria Teresa, were all set to take on ‘American Song Contest’ and tell the world their story. The twins began their musical journey by performing at their family restaurant. This soon evolved into them performing mariachi and traditional music. However, when their parents were deported to Mexico, the twins regularly crossed the border, with their lives split across Mexico and Arizona. They were often checked for drugs while on their way to school. Through their music, they hoped to reach out to the families going through similar experiences, or who’ve suffered in the same manner. 

Las Marias performed ‘De La Finikera’ and had the audience smitten. However, their low jury ranking shocked fans online. “Nevada is still my favorite as a song but Arizona touched me more. I need so badly for both songs to advance! #AmericanSongContest” tweeted a fan. “Juries tanked Arizona they will not see Heaven #AmericanSongContest” added a fan. “arizona so low in the jury i hate it here  #americansongcontest” added a fan. “This jury needs to diversify their listening habits. I’m so tired of the jury selection every week being the same guy in different fonts #AmericanSongContest” stated another. “Jury once again doing it dirty with Arizona. Pleasantly surprised to see WV slotted right behind Crystal Method though #AmericanSongContest” added a fan. “WHOA WHAT IS THE JURY EVEN DOING ?! NO WAY ARIZONA IS THAT LOW #AmericanSongContest” tweeted another. “JURY PUT ARIZONA THAT LOW?! Are you actually kidding me. That’s been the best song this entire competition #AmericanSongContest” argued another. 















‘American Song Contest’ airs on Monday, at 8/7c on NBC. You can vote for your favourite performances on the NBC website, the NBC app and TikTok. You can also stream your favourite artists’ songs on your preferred music streaming app. 

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