‘American Song Contest’: Who is Crystal Method? Nevada singer created music for ‘Mortal Kombat’

In this post, know more about ‘American Song Contest’: Who is Crystal Method? Nevada singer created music for ‘Mortal Kombat’ .

If you’ve been keeping up with ‘American Song Contest’, you know that the contestants are not holding back when it comes to displaying their music prowess! With Kelly Clarkson and Snoop Dogg hosting the show, musicians from all over the country battle it out to prove that their state stands above the rest!

During week 1, Hueston from Rhode Island made it to the semi-finals by performing his song, ‘Held On Too Long’. Week 2 saw Jordan Smith from Kentucky advance forward with his song, ‘Sparrow’. And, week 3 had Tennessee’s Tyler Braden make the cut with his song, ‘Seventeen’. Now as ‘American Song Contest’ enters week 4, here’s a look at Nevada’s representative — The Crystal Method!

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Representing Nevada is The Crystal Method. The act, which features Scott Kirkland, calls Las Vegas, NV, home, although Kirkland currently resides in Los Angeles, CA.

Although the act was initially a duo made up of Ken Jordan and Scott Kirkland, Jordan decided to leave the pair in 2017, while Kirkland continued to perform under the act’s name. Despite working for 25 years together, Kirkland maintained that there was no bad blood when Jordan called it quits. “Ken came to me in 2015, saying he was pretty much done with music and wanted to move down to Costa Rica with his wonderful wife to be more eco-conscious, which didn’t really leave a lot of room for things like keyboards and drum machines. It wasn’t like there was any animosity – he gave me his blessing to continue with The Crystal Method and made it really easy for me to buy him out of the studio,” he said, while talking to Music Radar.