Anthony Fantano Allegedly Divorced Wife Dominique Boxley And Reddit Has A Reaction

Online, people started to talk about how Anthony Fantano and his wife Dominique Boxely were getting a divorce. Anthony Fantano is a well-known music critic who runs the website and YouTube channel The Needle Drop.

Fantano posts blogs and YouTube videos that talk about and debate different kinds of music. Between the year 2000 and when he went to college at Southern Connecticut State University, he worked as the music director for a radio station.

Anthony Fantano and Dominique Boxley got a divorce, and people on Reddit had a lot to say about it

The news that Anthony Fantano is getting a divorce from his wife Dominique Boxley has spread on the Internet, and people are talking about it on social media sites. If this news is true, the people who follow Fantano did not seem happy about it.

But the YouTuber hasn’t said anything about the divorce rumors. The couple had been together for a long time before they got married. They lived together in Connecticut.

Anthony Fantano used to be a vegetarian when he was in his late teens. He is now a vegan. In 2007, he got his start in the business as a host at Connecticut Public Radio. 15 years ago, the music critic was the host of The Need Drop, which is still on the same line.

Fantano first used the platform and made contributions in the same area in 2009. He was mostly concerned with moving up in his career, so in January 2009, he started posting reviews of the TV show The Needle Drop on his YouTube channel.

After he wrote a review of the album by American record producer Steven Ellison, he got the idea to write reviews of music videos. In 2010, Fantano took down the older posts that had music clips that did not break the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of the United States.

Family life and relationships of Anthony Fantano

After she married Anthony Fantano, Dominique Boxley became well-known. She is a citizen of the United States, and she has helped her husband by showing up in a few of his YouTube videos.

After 2010, the two of them got married, but no one knows the exact date. Since Valentine’s Day in 2011, they have been seen together. Anthony started telling people that Dominique was his girlfriend, and they later got married in private.

Anthony and Dominique don’t have any kids of their own. Fantano started hosting The Needle Drop in 2007. In 2010, he got rid of the old reviews, but he kept working on the radio station for the show. He also worked in a place that made pizza.

He was born in Connecticut and had ancestors from both the United States and Sicily. Dead Kennedys, who used to be the lead singer of a hardcore punk band, had an effect on him. In fact, he used to call the American punk rock band he liked his political hero.

Anthony Fantano and his wife, Dominique Boxley, are a few years apart in age

Anthony Fantano was born on October 28, 1985, which makes him 36 years old. His wife Dominique hasn’t said how old she is, but she’s also in her 30s.

Reddit users talked about Fantano and his divorce case on the FantanoHeads forum. Some people say that the news of their breakup is just a rumor. They said that Fantano didn’t deserve this.

His devoted fans also said that he was having personal problems and that everyone has the right to online privacy, no matter how hard life can be.

Early years

Fantano was born in Connecticut, and his parents are from Sicily. He was a teenager in the Connecticut town of Wolcott. As a teenager, Jello Biafra, the former lead singer of the hardcore punk band Dead Kennedys and a musician, got Fantano interested in politics. He called Biafra “pretty much my political idol.”


Fantano got his start in the middle of the 2000s as the music director for the college radio station at Southern Connecticut State University.

[ Fantano started working at Connecticut Public Radio (WNPR) in 2007, where he hosted The Needle Drop. In the same year, he started The Needle Drop as a series of written reviews. In January 2009, he started a series of video reviews on his YouTube channel with a review of a Jay Reatard record. Fantano has said that seeing his review of Flying Lotus’s 2010 album Cosmogramma next to other Flying Lotus videos in YouTube’s “Featured Videos” section gave him the “hint” to keep making video reviews. Fantano took down older reviews with music clips in 2010 to make sure they didn’t break the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. [8] He was working on The Needle Drop at both the college radio station and a pizza place at the time. Late in 2011, he decided to work full-time on The Needle Drop, but he stayed with WNPR until 2014. Fantano was offered a show on Adult Swim that would review albums, but he turned it down.

By November 2016, Fantano was posting more often on a second YouTube channel called “thatistheplan.” On that channel, he reviewed memes and posted “often irreverent videos that don’t fall into the record review format,” according to Spin.

In October 2017, an article in The Fader said that Fantano’s videos on “thatistheplan” promoted alt-right ideas. This led to a lot of questions and debate about this secondary channel. Fantano was criticized for making fun of feminists and using Pepe the Frog memes, which had recently been called alt-right symbols. After the article came out, several U.S. tour dates for “The Needle Drop” were canceled. At least one site that sold tickets for a Brooklyn show said that the article was the reason for the cancellation.

Fantano made a video response to the negative article, which he called a “hit job.” He denied that he agreed with the alt-right and said that the videos in question were meant to be funny. Later, The Fader took down the article because both sides said that the claims had been settled. In a later interview, Fantano admitted that there were some “grumpy, closed-minded, young, aggressive male” viewers on the “thatistheplan” channel. He also rejected what he saw as the “toxic and problematic” side of internet humor, saying that the incident had made him more vocal in his support for social justice issues.

By the end of 2017, Fantano had a million subscribers and had expanded his content beyond just album reviews to include weekly “track roundup” videos, livestreamed Q&As, and video think pieces.

In June 2019, Fantano had a cameo in Lil Nas X’s video for the Young Thug and Mason Ramsey remix of “Old Town Road.” He played a security guard for the Area 51 military base (a reference to the “Storm Area 51” meme).

Later that same year, he put together a charity album called The Needle Drop LP. It has songs by “artists who have been featured on the site or reviewed favorably in the past.” The Immigrant Legal Resource Center, a non-profit, got the money from the album sales.


The Needle Drop won the “Beyond the Blog” award at the 2011 O Music Awards. Nick Veronin of Wired wrote about Fantano in 2014: “Fantano doesn’t use fancy words to describe a riff or synth tone. Instead, he uses gestures, like clenching his fists or making his face do funny things. It expresses some of the more ephemeral things about music that can’t be said in words.”

When asked about the quality of Fantano’s reviews in 2019, Robert Christgau, a well-known music critic, said:

seems to have found a 21st-century rockcrit style that makes sense and leans toward what I’ll call “dark prog.”

Not nearly as insensitive to hip-hop and R&B as dark proggers are, but note that very few female artists make it into his top 10, which in 2018 was really missing the action. Fantano seems to have found a way to make a living in the online age by spreading his own criticism.

Comedian James Acaster called Fantano’s 2016 list of the best albums in his 2019 book Perfect Sound Whatever “”a real music fan’s Top 50,” and that “perhaps more than anyone else, he understands how the role of the reviewer has changed since the internet became a thing.” Before, a reviewer’s job was to tell people what was worth their money. Now, their job is to tell people what is worth their time.” In September 2020, Joe Coscarelli, a culture reporter for the New York Times, said of Fantano that he was “probably the most popular music critic still alive.” Coscarelli says that Fantano has done a good job of bringing a “old art to a new medium” and giving record reviews a new life for a younger generation of music fans.

Life at home

Fantano resides in Connecticut.

He switched to a vegan diet after being a vegetarian for a while in his late teens.

Fantano told Polygon in March 2018 that he is a “free speech purist.” Milo Yiannopoulos’s talk at UC Berkeley was met with protests from students, and Fantano said “Ironically, Antifa uses violence and childish methods to get what they want. The same way as a fascist.” Fantano backed Bernie Sanders for president of the United States in 2020.