Anupama, Today’s Episode 11th May 2022 Full Written Update, Anuj and Anupama’s Dance Continues

Right here we are again with the latest update of Anupama. This serial may be very well-known and fashionable amongst folks. It’s operating nicely with nice TRP on the tv. In accordance to the promo video, this episode begins with Kanta Asking Anupama and Anuj whether or not they go to college to research or for love. Malvika says love birds enemy is right here. Kanta stands shocked. Leela says everybody grew to become shameless. Kavya tells Leela that this is only a recreation. Anuj and Anupama do a skit. He tells Anupama to ask his mother not to separate them. Kavya turns into Kanta and participates in the play. Anuj will get when kavya masquerades as Kanta and refuses for Anupama and former marriage ceremony. Shah stands shocked. Anuj says Kanta not to separate him from Anupama.

Anupama 11th May 2022 Written Update

Malvika takes Anuj in his senses. Anuj says he’s nonetheless damage by the previous when he first noticed her in a bridesmaid dress. He says he needs he may have stopped her marriage ceremony 26 years in the past. Anupama apologizes to Anuj for retaining him ready. Anuj asks Anupama not to be sorry as a result of she was oblivious. Malvika and Devika say MaAn that there isn’t a want to spoil your temper and flip the play into a cheerful ending. Anuj and Anupama dance collectively. In the in the meantime, Hasmuk falls conscious. Anupama Anuj and different stands shocked. Shah will get fearful for Hasmuk. GK stands Shocked.

Anuj confronts GK. GK remembers Hasmuk’s promise. Kavya finds Hasmuk’s take a look at report. Vanraj takes the report from Kavya’s hand. Anuj remembers GK and Hasmuk’s assembly. Vanraj will get irritated pondering he doesn’t perceive medical phrases and waits for the physician. Anuj tells Shah that GK is aware of the reality. GK disclose to Shah that Hasmuk is affected by severe coronary heart illness. Vanraj will get offended at GK for hiding the reality. Anuj defends GK and says Hasmuk’s promise stopped him from telling the reality.

Vanraj accuses Anuj and Anupama of Husmuk’s situation. Anupama says that she was oblivious to Hasmuk’s well being. Vanraj accuse Anupama. He loses his mood and says others to take pleasure in themselves. Leela warns Anupama that if something occurs to Husmuk, she is going to not spare her. Vanraj declared at Anupama and Anuj’s marriage ceremony that Hasmuk will not come.

He says MaAn’s marriage ceremony will not happen at shah’s home now. Leela accuses Anupama of Hasmuk’s well being situation. The physician suggests Hasmuk’s operation. Anupama and Anuj determine to postpone their marriage ceremony and get Hasmuk operated on first. Anupama vows to save Hasmuk’s life. She cries pondering about Hasmuk. The episode ends right here, so keep tuned for more updates.