Arkansas Police Officers Viral Video Of Hitting Man Trending on Twitter & Reddit

According to reports, three police officers were suspended after they punched Randall Worcester several times during an arrest in Mulberry, Crawford County. The incident happened on Sunday, August 21, 2022. The whole incident got captured on video and gained the attention of the netizens. It has gone viral all over social media and has become the subject of discussion among many. In the clip, the Arkansas officers were caught kicking Worcester, 27, several times after they slammed him to the ground. Check what happened exactly in the article below and get further details here.
Believing the reports surfacing online, Worcester was accused of threatening an employee. It was also reported that he assaulted one of the officers too and due to the same reason, the officers treated him that way. He was sent to officers after the assault before being taken into custody. Second-degree assault, second-degree battery, refusal to comply, possession of a weapon used in a crime, making terroristic threats, criminal mischief, and criminal trespass are the charges laid against him.
The suspect is seen being kneed by one cop, punched by another with a clenched fist, and being held down by a third officer. In response to the incident, Asa Hutchinson, State Governor, said that they would take measures to investigate the incident. He said that he has spoken with Col. Bill Bryant of the Arkansas State Police and the local arrest incident in Crawford County will be investigated pursuant to the video evidence and the request of the prosecuting attorney.

The Mulberry Police Department reflected a similar sentiment in an official Facebook post. Crawford County Sheriff took to Facebook to say that accusations against the officers would be taken seriously. An official investigation was revealed to have begun on Sunday. The names of the cops have not yet been made public by the authorities, who are still looking into the issue. The alleged high-profile police brutality instances that have made headlines include numerous others in addition to the beating in Arkansas.

Since the assassination of George Floyd on May 25, 2020, which sparked violent nationwide riots, the topic has become especially divisive. Police brutality is one of the major causes of death for minority men, according to PNAS, and it disproportionately impacts many young African American men. According to the study, one African American man is killed by police every 1000 in the US. Only those aged 20 to 35 are at increased risk.