Australian Man Fights With Crocodile To Catch Fish, Watch What Happens Next

Viral Video Today: An Australian man recently posted a video on his Instagram ’nuffblokescotty’ where he could be seen fighting for a fish with a crocodile. The man, Scott Roscarel, was fishing in Cahills Crossing, Northern Territory with a few other people. One of them pulled out their phone camera when they saw a crocodile in the river.Also Read – Viral Video: Mother Deer Sacrifices Herself to Save Baby From Crocodile. Netizens Are Heartbroken. Watch

The crocodile was going after the same fish that Scott was trying to catch – a big metre Barra fish. He posted the video with the following caption: “Catching a meter Barra is hard enough without having to fight a croc as well”, The clip has gone viral with over 4,600 views and 333 likes. Also Read – Viral Video: Lions Fight Crocodiles in River As Their Day Hunt Turns Intense. Watch

The video shows the fisherman and the crocodile going for the same fish. Scott manages to get the barra in his fishing rod’s hook but the crocodile can be seen swimming after it. People could be heard witnessing this as Scott pulled the fish closer to him. As he managed to get the fish on land, the crocodile followed behind him. Also Read – Viral Video: Jaguar Hunts Crocodile By Swimming in the Most Sneaky Way. Watch

Some woman could be heard telling him to let the crocodile have the fish and get away from it. But he drags the heavy silver fish out of the water and the crocodile seems to be giving up. Another could be seen casually picking his cap that he dropped from near the crocodile’s mouth. The people couldn’t believe that they just beat a crocodile and caught a fish that was already hard to catch.

Watch the viral video below:

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