Boiler Summer Cup Tiktok Challange Is Trending On The Internet, How To Do It?

Boiler Summer Cup Tiktok Challenge is currently trending on the internet, and people are curious to find out how it works.. . Follow us for more celebrity & entertainment updates.

Boiler Summer Cup Tiktok Challenge Is Trending On The Internet

This process includes luring the girls who seem overweight than others into the disco and making videos of them dancing without their knowledge. After that, guys post those videos on their social media handles and challenge their other friends to make the video with another girl with an even bigger weight.

And the winner of this challenge will be the person who will successfully do the task of luring the girl having the biggest weight among all the others, and people are promoting this trend.

As it is all about seducing women who are overweight in size without their permission, this challenge faces criticism from many people. They are unwelcome by this kind of body shaming and misogynistic online trend.

How To Do The Boiler Summer Cup Tiktok Challenge? Its Step-By-Step Guide

The new challenge called Boiler Summer Cup is currently trending on Tiktok, and everyone is talking about it on the internet.

Many people have deemed this challenge as derogatory and shameful, but it has been going towards the uprising path. As per our research, this trend will start on the 21st of June, but several users have already begun the trend and are asking other people to carry it forward.

We got to see several TikTok videos where guys are making videos of girls dancing in the disco and clubs, and the process goes on with the videos of other girls dancing. It is hard to find out how such a challenge gets people’s attention, and from this, we can believe that the internet is a powerful thing.

After the Boiler Summer Cup Tiktok challenge got trending, people are trying to find a step-by-step guide on doing so.

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Despite hurting the sentiments of society and mainly women, the Boiler Summer Cup Tiktok challenge is rising on the internet.

We can find some of the tweets and social media posts about the challenge where a maximum number of viewers are boycotting those videos and are acting to discourage the promotion of those trends.

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