Calum Von Moger Gay Rumor Explored: Is He Married To Wife Taylor Ray? Sexuality & Relationship

Calum Von Moger is a popular Australian entertainer and weight lifter, and he is an attractive hunk with an amazing body shape. Specifically, he is most popular for depicting the job of Arnold Schwarzenegger in the 2018 film Bigger.

Further, he has dealt with the 2017 narrative film Generation Iron 2, where he showed up in Calum Von Moger: Unbroken in 2019. Moreover, he has brought home various championships in the wellness world, including NPC Universe, 2020, Charleston, South Carolina, and NPC Irongames Championships, 2016, Culver City, California.

He moved to Los Angeles to seek after a vocation in media outlets in October 2014. Be that as it may, he got back to Australia in October 2021 and opened an exercise center.

Calum Von Moger Gay Rumor: Sexuality Explored Calum Von Moger has obtained a noteworthy fan following from the public space because of his fantastic character before long. It is difficult to avoid tales about a superstar character at the ongoing date as certain individuals spread the tattle about Moger that he is gay.

Notwithstanding, he referenced nothing dubious, which means he is gay. Further, he has never conceded something like this about his sexuality on the public stages to the ongoing date. In this way making a decision about somebody’s sexuality without their consent is ridiculous.

Is Calum Von Moger Married To His Wife Taylor Ray? Relationship Explored Calum Von Moger had been in a heartfelt connection with model Taylor Ray for a really long time starting around 2017.

In the interim, many individuals keep thinking about whether he is hitched to Taylor and made her significant other at the ongoing date. Nonetheless, he isolated from Taylor Ray in 2019.

Then again, he had a relationship with Nicola Segura, a web-based entertainment powerhouse in 2019, where they had a child from their relationship. They named her Kairos, where they isolated from one another as Nicola Segura sued him for kid support.

Moger acknowledged to care for his child as a dad, and he needs to bring up his child without his mom at the ongoing date. Calum imparts an exceptional attach to his dear child as he ordinarily transfers photographs of his child on his Instagram handle.

What has been going on with Australian Bodybuilder Calum Von Moger? Calum Von Moger purportedly has been battling from chronic drug use at the ongoing date. Specifically, his family has removed him from his family house in Australia because of his medication and numerous difficult issues.

Specifically, he took an overwhelming leap through a second-floor window on May 6, 2022, where he had wounds to his spine and body with glasses. Notwithstanding, he got hurried to crisis clinical benefit, where he is in the Intensive consideration unit at the ongoing date.