Candace Wheeler Montgomery Apparently Work As A Therapist In Georgia, Did She Finish Her Jail Sentence?

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Does Candace Wheeler Montgomery Work As A Therapist In Georgia Today?

She was buddies with Betty Gore, who discovered about Candacef’s affair with her husband. Gore faced about it to Candace one day, and she admitted it, as discussed in GoodHouseKeeping. 

She mentioned that she had had an affair with Betty’s husband for a number of months in spite of being a mother of two. It enraged Betty, who attempted to assault her with an ax. To save herself, Candace hit the woman 41 instances with heavy apparatus. 

After that, she and her husband left Wylie and settled in Georgia. After a while, she divorced her spouse and these days works as a psychological well being therapist.

Candace Wheeler Montgomery began a brand new process after leaving Wylie. She shifted to Georgia with her family after clearing up the homicide fees on her. 

However, ahead of she was accused of murdering Betty, she was a housewife who used to take care of her husband and kids.  

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Does Candace Wheeler Montgomery Have A New Job?

Candace Wheeler Montgomery is rumored to be running as a therapist in Georgia nowadays. 

The new true-crime series on Hulu named Candy explored the tale of Candace Wheeler Montgomery as she was accused of killing her buddy, Betty Gore, in 1980. As the series marks the finish, many folks surprise the place she may just be at present. 

Candace Wheeler Montgomery is claimed to be running as a therapist in Georgia nowadays. And maximum of the reason why for her to select this profession is claimed to be as a result of of her private studies. 

A psychologist later showed that she did not understand how many instances she had hit the sufferer, and her declare of appearing out in self-defense was authorized in court docket. As a consequence, the court docket got rid of all of the fees in opposition to her. 

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Candace Wheeler Montgomery was arrested and imprisoned for a temporary time after police found out that she was liable for the homicide. However, as in step with sources, she was held on a $100,000 bond.

And all the way through the trial, she proved herself not accountable of homicide by way of claiming that it was for self-defense. Thus, she was acquitted of the homicide fees and did not have to serve prison time. 

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