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WATCH: Dante Lennon Freeport NY Crash Video Goes Viral On Social Media: We are saddened to make you educated on this happening. Just a few seconds ago we have been informed about a car accident in which three people lost their lives while four sustained grave injuries. But who is responsible for this mishap? Reportedly, Nassau County Police responded to the call that informed about this happening. However, the officers of Nassau County Police did not take a significant time to reach the scene. Since this happening has come to people’s knowledge they are finding detailed information. We have found some important aspects of this news. In this article, you will get to learn who is Dante Lennon Freeport and what is his role in this mishap. So keep studying the matter and keep following it till it’s not done. Follow More Updates On GetIndiaNews.com

Dante Lennon Freeport NY Crash Video

According to the source, a man was driving a Mercedes Benz car while under the influence of alcohol and he reportedly raged his car into another vehicle. The letter vehicle was a Lincoln Town car. We have also found the location of this tragedy, sources claimed that this mishap took place in the eastbound lane in front of Jericho Turnpike 214. This is a matter of Long Island where a drunk man allegedly crashed his car with a Loncoln Town car in which three women died.

However, the drunk man was identified as Dante Lennon. Who is Dante Lennon? Many people are searching for who is Dante Lennon. According to the source, Dante Lennon is a 22 years old young boy who is responsible for killing three female passengers and injuring four individuals. However, the injured individuals have been taken to a nearby medical center and all four injured victims are in stable condition. However, the personal record of the responsible party is not available to us except that Dante Lennon hails from Freeport. Keep reading this article to learn more about him.

The 22 years old was driving a Mercedes Benz when he crashed his car into another car due to which three women were declared dead on the spot. Shortly after this accident ample news agencies reported that story and remarked it devastating and sad. It is also reported a video of the accident has been filmed by a surveillance camera. But the footage is not available to access for now. Stay tuned to this page for more information.

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