Did Jason Momoa Testify In Court Defending Johnny Depp? Fake Testimony Goes Viral!

The Aquaman entertainer is buying loads of consideration from each one people that are remaining refreshed on the famend Hollywood preliminary between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard.

Jason Momoa is an entertainer who rose into conspicuousness after his job as ‘Khal Drago’ in Recreation Of Thrones made an amazing enchantment amongst the show’s followers.


Adopted by his fruitful depiction as Aquaman in the DC Universe, the entertainer is one of the finest well-known folks in Hollywood.

Whereas we are on the Subject of Aquaman, his co-star Amber Heard is at present getting sued by her ex Johnny Depp.

In like method, Amber has moreover achieved a counterclaim towards the preliminary using aggressive habits at house locations. The case has been an exciting topic of curiosity amongst thier followers and different public.

In the interim, Jason has out of nowhere become an attention-grabbing challenge of dialog as a video of the entertainer affirming towards Amber obtained viral, intriguing people assuming that it’s substantial.

Did Jason Momoa Actually Testify In Court? Counterfeit Testimony Defined Albeit the video of Jason’s declaration seems to be affordable, the actuality stays that the Aquaman entertainer didn’t affirm towards Amber in courtroom.

The declaration displayed in the video is simply a satire organized by a vlogger who made it to purchase a couple of watchers using the most shifting level at the present time.

Additionally, Jason Momoa was not referenced anyplace in that body of thoughts of witnesses prepared and delivered by Johnny and Amber’s authorized advisors.

In the similar method as different completely different purchasers making content material using Amber’s declarations and completely different references to the case, this was an endeavor to get publicity.

In addition, this is kind of probably the most appeared by way of topic round the world, making computerized content material makers make novel and attention-grabbing content material to draw in watchers.

Jason Momoa In Headlines For Defending Johnny Depp Apparently The declaration video of Aquaman star Jason Momoa has become an online sensation short-term.

Clearly, Jason has spoken on the aspect of Johnny and ridiculed Amber in the video, as the whole courtroom snickered.

In any case, it’s certainly a bummer for the majority of Johnny’s followers as it ended up being a phony farce made to make people giggle.

The parody was made by YouTuber GeoMFilms, who clearly designated what watchers wished to see and hear as a result of of the preliminary towards Amber Heard.

Regardless of the incontrovertible fact that he has referenced and tended to that the video is a joke and each one of the voices utilized are named, people are as but treating it in a critical method.

GeoMFilms is a properly known Youtube channel with 122k Subscribers, and it’s famend for making response recordings and satire personifications.

Jason Momoa And Amber Heard Information-What Occurred Between Them? Aquaman lead entertainers Jason and Amber clearly had terrible vitality with one one other, which almost precipitated the expulsion of Heard from the film spin-off, as referenced by NYpost.

By the by, the entertainer stated on her preliminary that she really holds her job, but the majority of her on-screen time was eradicated.

Whereas they suppose it had one thing to do with the scandalous preliminary of the entertainer Vs Johnny Depp, the film group has not referenced something in regards to the challenge by any means.