Does Kym Marsh Have An Illness? Health Problems Explained

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Does Kym Marsh Have An Illness? 

Talking about Kym Marsh’s health problems and sickness, she had been absent from Morning Live, citing family as well as her mental health struggles.

Last year was a roller coaster for the actress. 2021 started with her double hernia operation later, her father was diagnosed with cancer, and she was positive for COVID-19.

She spent most of her time with her family, especially with her father. Since then, the actress has been making rounds on the internet now and then with respect to her health.

Kym Marsh was diagnosed with a hernia and had two hernia operations last year. She had been absent from Morning Live, citing some mental health issues and giving time with her family.

On top of that, the ex-Coronation Street star’s father was diagnosed with incurable prostate cancer owing to a delayed check-up due to the pandemic back in June 2021.

The English web personality Kym Marsh is married to her current husband Scott Ratcliff, an Army major. He had proposed to the actress after three years of dating each other.

In the concrete, she has married three times in her life, including the wedding with her current husband. Marsh was previously married to English actors Jack Ryder and Jamie Lomas.

The actress is a mother to four children and also has a grandson. Kym shares a son David and a daughter named Emilie from her relationship with Dave Cunliffe.

She was married to Jack for seven years, from 2002 to 2008, until their divorce. Later the same year, Marsh started dating Jamie Lomas and married in September 2012.

Jamie and the actress welcomed their firstborn; son Archie who was born 18 weeks early on 11 February and died moments after birth because he was born 18 weeks early.

Kym Marsh Health Problems And Sickness. 

The English actress Kym Marsh was diagnosed with a hernia, and she hit the headlines abruptly after facing complications post-surgery on her two hernias some time back.

Rumors of her being diagnosed with an illness have surfaced on the web after the hints of the actress’s return to Coronation Street after leaving in 2019 were propagated in the tabloid media.

The fans accustomed to seeing her in the character of Michelle Connor in the soap opera are keeping a beady eye on what she does next. Midst the hints, she hit headlines concerning her health issues.

She appeared on a 2021 episode of Morning Live, updating her fans on her recovery from hernia surgery. Marsh was set under strict instructions to stay in bed after hitting some complications.

Initially, the TV personality was diagnosed with a common inguinal hernia; however, after meticulous look, doctors found that she was diagnosed with a femoral hernia which is less common.

Marsh stated that she is doing fine presently. Having had the surgery in January 2021, she was still in considerable pain by March and her recovery process turned out to be longer than expected.

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