Does Lena and Kalle Have a Happy Ever After in the Royalteen?

In the Netflix romantic drama “Royalteen,” which was directed by Per-Olav Srensen and Emilie Beck, Lena and the Norwegian crown prince Karl Johan, also known as Kalle, fall in love after the former becomes the latter’s classmate after coming to Oslo. Despite the challenges that threaten their union, Lena and Kalle begin to cultivate a sweet affection for one another. The Norwegian film, which stars Ines Hysaeter Asserson as Lena and Mathias Storhi as Kalle, is successful in engrossing the audience with the complexity of the two characters’ relationship. Lena and Kalle’s relationship is affected by a series of astonishing revelations and occurrences that occur one after another towards the movie’s conclusion. But do those difficulties affect their relationship? Let’s discuss the solution! Spoilers follow.

What transpires between Kalle and Lena?

On her first day at their school after relocating to Oslo from Horten, Lena gets to know Kalle for the first time. Lena anticipates him to be a haughty playboy who blatantly flaunts his royal ancestry, yet he treats her with respect. She accepts the crown prince’s invitation to the annual pool party, which opens up more opportunities for meetings. To strengthen their relationship, he even takes her boating alone, away from their friends’ interruptions and distractions. Lena is made aware by Kalle that he is not the playboy that the media portrays him to be.

Lena and Kalle have a patient and understanding relationship. Instead of retaliating aggressively when the latter incorrectly accuses him of attacking her, he maturely addresses the misunderstanding. Lena eventually reconsiders her first impression of Kalle after learning that he is not a womaniser as she had assumed. These elements create a solid basis for Lena and Kalle’s relationship. Kalle tells her more about his life as they travel to the cabins. He admits to being a virgin and describes how much pressure he is under to make out with her, especially in light of the untrue rumours that he is a playboy.

Lena acknowledges the struggle Kalle is going through and gives him room to handle it. She reassures him that she is there for him despite his reluctance to engage in sexual activity. However, Lena and Kalle’s relationship begin to be threatened by her encounter with Guro. Margrethe, Kalle’s sister, learns that Theodor, Lena’s younger brother, is actually her son through Guro. She also learns that Lena shared a video of Guro having sex with a person in order to wreak revenge on the latter because she had begun dating the boy Lena admired. Margrethe advises Lena to quit meeting Kalle if she doesn’t want her secrets to ruin her life since she doesn’t want a middle-class girl in her royal brother’s life.

Does Lena and Kalle Have a Happy Ever After in the Royalteen?

Yes, Lena and Kalle do become partners in crime. Rugo becomes alarmed when Margrethe makes a threat to admit what Lena had done to him and that she is a mother. She had relocated to Oslo in an effort to make a new beginning in her life, but Margrethe’s potential discoveries will undoubtedly ruin that attempt. She doesn’t want the humiliation she endured at the hands of her peers while residing in Horten to happen again at her new school. She therefore complies with Margrethe’s request and begins to avoid Kalle in exchange for the latter’s pledge of confidentiality.

Lena confides in Kalle that she desires a sexual partner so that she can hurt the prince and get him to end their relationship. Lena quickly understands that she is not need to be Margrethe’s subordinate, albeit it doesn’t take her long to come to that conclusion. By publishing a video in which she confesses that she is Theodor’s mother, she “drops the bomb” on herself. Her classmates accept the news favourably and commend her for having the guts to tell the truth, proving her incorrect and proving her wrong. In addition, they express a desire to spend time with Theodor, which gives Lena the courage to deal with Kalle.

Kalle acknowledges Lena’s paternity. He sings a song for her on prom night to express his love for her despite the amazing surprise. Kalle adores Lena with all of his heart, and he doesn’t want to lose out on finding someone who will accept him for who he really is. Not because he is a prince, but rather because he is an outstanding and compassionate person, Lena loves Kalle. Since Kalle is aware of this, he kisses her in front of their classmates to declare his love for her. He seems more than glad to include Theodor in his life based on his interaction with Lena.

Lena feels assured of Kalle’s devotion, but he makes it obvious that she shouldn’t withhold anything from him. She could thus tell him what transpired with Guro and how deeply regretful she is of what she did to the latter. Lena will probably be understood by Kalle because he recognises her goodness more than anyone else, and the two might begin a new chapter of their relationship without having anything to hide.