Dolly Parton: Who is she? What is the value of her unremarkable Tennessee home?

Dolly Parton: Who is she? What is the value of her unremarkable Tennessee home?

The interior of Dolly Parton’s fairly ordinary Tennessee home, which recently sold for $849K after 12 years on the market.

NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE: After 12 years on the market, Dolly Parton’s longtime residence in Nashville has finally found new owners. She and her husband, Carl Dean, shared a four-bedroom, two-bathroom home that sold for $849,000. The house was initially bought by Parton in 1980 for $50,000. The amount is equivalent to roughly $190,400 in today’s money.

In 1996, 16 years after buying the home, the singer of “Jolene” sold it. She received $140,000 for the property back then, which is about equivalent to its current value of $269,000 today. Since 2010, the owners who had acquired the home from Parton have intermittently placed it for sale. On December 22, 2021, the house has finally found its new owners following numerous rounds of inflation and price reductions.

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The Nashville property is about 4,795 square feet in size and is situated on 2.4 acres of land. In 2010, the first owners who bought the Nashville property from Parton and Dean listed it for $359,000. However, there was a protracted time during which there were no purchasers on the competitive housing market, which later slowed due to inflation. However, the large, typical family home was finally sold at the end of the previous year in 2021.

After the “I Will Always Love You” star, the purchasers will be the home’s subsequent owners. Many think that the property’s outmoded design and features may be the main reasons for its protracted “waiting period” on the market.

The prior listing calls it a “unique two-story property,” with the profitable “owner-occupied Bed & Breakfast dubbed “Dolly’s Getaway” located in the upper floor. The property also has a detached studio and a separate guest cottage. Action Homes’ Donna Brewer managed the listing.

Parton and Dean were still living there, but they were already daydreaming about constructing their ideal house in Brentwood. During the publication of the book “Dolly on Dolly,” she stated, “My husband Carl and I were dreamin’ foolishly about a house. The pair would gather images of the details they admired in other Southern homes, “a porch here, a pillar there,” and bring them back home to “look at ’em real hard, puttin’ it all together in our heads,” the author explains.

Currently, she resides in Brentworth, a suburb of Nashville. It is set on 62 acres of land and spans an area of 8,100 square feet. The building serves as a farmhouse, with “a tiny bridge that I made sure was just narrow enough to prevent a tour bus from passing through. There, Carl and I could roam around completely naked without anyone noticing. We have a vegetable garden, cows, and hens. For myself and the important people in my life, it is a peaceful, cosy environment.”