Epic Fantasy Tier List May 2022, What Are The Best Heroes In Epic Fantasy Tier?

Epic Fantasy Tier List

Epic Fantasy is a well-liked RPG recreation with masses of characters which have their very own distinctive talents. Being an RPG recreation it takes so much of time to progress via the recreation. This could be made additional tough in the event you make a number of fallacious choices on which characters to use. That is the place a Tier checklist can come in useful. Now we have sorted out all the characters based mostly on their energy and talent ranges. So scroll down to get the total Epic Fantasy Tier checklist for 2022.

Epic Fantasy Tier List May 2022

We labeled the characters into 4 tiers in our Epic Fantasy Tier List: SS-Tier, S-Tier, A-Tier, and B-Tier. Please keep in thoughts that this tier rating relies on our personal private expertise with the recreation. Every Epic Fantasy Tier List’s heroes might differ from one one other. You could find the total Tier checklist under,

SS Tier

You will have the most enjoyable enjoying this recreation in case you have a handful of these Epic Fantasy characters at your disposal. They have glorious rankings, permitting them to match into the majority of situations.

Tier Character
SS  Dike
SS  Libra
SS  Gland
SS  Okasio
SS  Hera

S Tier

This Epic Fantasy Tier List’s characters aren’t as highly effective as these in the prior tier. Expert gamers, on the different hand, can nonetheless management the recreation.

Tier Character
S Gwen
S Grace
S Kurt
S Michael

A Tier

The Epic Fantasy characters we have included in this class aren’t fairly robust sufficient to take on opponents on their very own.

Tier Character
A Arhard
A Crystal
A Karma
A Reinhardt
A Julia
A Jade
A Aria

B Tier

The characters in this class are the recreation’s weakest.

Tier Character
B Kain
B Hientz
B Diele
B Elsa

Epic Fantasy Character Classification

The tier lists and rankings are particular, however these epic heroes are divided into 5 qualities, every of which impacts the quantity of hurt they do and obtain. Let’s go over every of the 5 properties: fireplace, water, holy, darkish, and earth.

  • Hearth: Earth traits undergo 20 p.c more harm whereas absorbing 20 p.c much less harm once they have the Hearth property.

  • Water: Earth properties inflict 20% much less harm to water properties, and earth properties trigger 20% much less harm to water properties.

  • Holy: Darkish traits undergo a 20% harm improve once they have Holy options.

  • Darkish: These darkish properties do 20% more harm than gentle properties in the recreation.

  • Earth: The Hearth attribute reduces harm to Earth traits by 20%, but it surely additionally reduces harm by 20%.

Epic Fantasy Hero Courses

The Epic Fantasy tier checklist consists of 4 lessons, every with their very own set of expertise and talents. These 4 lessons are Supplier, Supporter, Tanker, and Debuffer. So, if you would like to be the champion all through the recreation, it is best to study about the epic fantasy lessons and put collectively a crew of highly effective heroes.

  • Supplier: They are some of the greatest harm sellers in the recreation. Although they deal insane quantities of harm, they are nonetheless fairly squishy and can be killed simply if caught off guard.

  • Help: These heroes are the ones that may assist sellers with some therapeutic or CC and even defend the sellers from hurt.

  • Tanker: You possibly can defend your companions by including this class of heroes. You need to use this Tanker class of fantasy heroes’ specialisation in diverting the enemy’s consideration away from the different members.

  • Debuffer: It’s best to try to embrace this class of heroes in your crew as a result of they are known for inflicting unfavourable results on their opponents.

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