Ernst & Young Employee, 33, Found Dead At EY’s George Street Office Sydney After Bar Party

Ernst & Young Employee, 33, Found Dead At EY’s George Street Office Sydney After Bar Party:- This news is related to one of the top accounting firms in Australia which has created its record in accounting.  So a woman who was working in their company was found dead in the office and her dead body was found by other five colleagues in the office just after attending an event for hours which was organized by the company itself and she was found dead at the midnight. This news is now getting viral on the internet and people are raising questions about the company and why she was sent to the company at midnight and many other questions. We have mentioned the news in detail in the next section.
What Happened In Sydney Office?
So, this incident took place after an event which was organized by the company and it was told to the employees that after the party they have to finish some work and go to the office after attending the party. So, a young woman who also worked there with other employees. This party was arranged in Ivy a nightclub in Sydney which is popular and this lady went to this club at 5:30 pm and returned to the office by 7:30.

But as per information, given by the club that she was escorted from the club by the staff as she had a high consumption of alcohol but when they checked the CCTV footage of the office she was not seen many alcoholics and she was doing her work. Just after a few hours other employees came to the office and see her dead body and police were called to the office. The police are now investigating this as a report and an email was also leaked in which the manager was demanding the employees to work till 11.30 and start work at 9:30 am.

This news is at the top of the newspapers and the police are investigating this case. If the pressure of the work may stress her and she died. The CEO of this office David Larocca said that he is shocked after this incident and he also gave his condolences to her family. People are now giving her tribute on social media and we will surely update you about this news in another article after getting some updates. We also give our thoughts to her family may her soul Rest In Peace. Stay tuned with us for more latest updates & information.