Georgia Hardinge: Who is she? The brand of a Making the Cut participant employs a 3D method to produce designs.

Making the Cut is back with its most recent episode, featuring a brand-new group of exceptionally brilliant and original designers who are prepared to make their mark in the fashion industry. Georgia Hardinge, a sustainable 3D designer from London, is one of the 10 competitors competing for $1 million. Icons like Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, and Alicia Keys have all sported her creations. Among other well-known companies, Hardinge’s designs have received praise from Victoria’s Secret, Swarovski, and Lancôme.

On August 19, Making the Cut Season 3 will debut on Prime Video in more than 240 nations. Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn are returning to the show, and they’ll be joined as judges by Nichole Richie and Jeremy Scott. This season’s guest judges include Chloe x Halle, Jason Bolden, and Wisdom Kaye, among other well-known figures.

In a news statement from Amazon Studios, Heidi Klum stated:

“I can’t wait for Making the Cut’s third season to premiere this summer. I was overjoyed to see Tim, Nicole, and Jeremy again as we looked through our most creative set of designers yet in quest of the next big international fashion company! The fashion this season has far above our expectations, and I can’t wait to wear some of the fantastic pieces myself.

Meet Making the Cut’s 3D artist, Georgia Hardinge

Georgia Hardinge graduated from Parsons Paris School of Art and Design, and in 2010, she established her own clothing line. The designer focuses on exquisite sustainability and employs organic and recycled fabrics in her designs. Additionally heavily influenced by architecture, she uses the pleating method to fashion free-flowing materials into 3D sculptural designs. She frequently draws inspiration from London’s infrastructure because of the city’s excellent blend of historic and contemporary structures.

On her website, the designer highlights her name:

“A modern company, Georgia Hardinge is motivated by fresh ideas and innovations. The company’s strong sculptural aesthetic gives wearable items a three-dimensional feel.”

At the 2019 Drapers Awards, Hardinge was nominated for the Sustainability Award. When asked to characterise her brand in a 2019 interview with Drapers, the designer responded as follows:

“An innovative, three-dimensional take on feminine silhouettes from a sculptural, ecological apparel label.”

She also discussed in the interview how one of the main difficulties facing the fashion business is sustainability.

She continued, adding these details:

“Since the retail sector has such a detrimental impact on the environment, it’s critical that we band together to affect change.”
Since she first established her brand, the Making the Cut candidate has been highly praised. For her distinctive structural approach, she received the BFC Contemporary Sponsorship and Fashion Trust Grant. As part of a catwalk exhibition, the designer was requested to represent the UK at the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in Rwanda in 2022.

Florence Welch, Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, Alicia Keys, Kylie Minogue, and Grimes, among other well-known celebrities, have all sported Hardinge’s creations. She is one to watch, according to Grazia and Elle.

Curtis Cassel, Emily Bargeron, Gabriella Meyer, Ciana Chyanne Morgan, Jeanette Lima, Rafael Chaouiche, Sienna Li, and Yannik Zamboni are additional contestants in Making the Cut Season 3.