Grandpa Plays Harmonica In Park, Leaves Geese Mesmerised. Watch

Viral Video Today: A heartwarming video is going viral on social media where an elderly man can be seen playing for two geese. The video proves that the power of music is universal – whether its humans or animals and birds, everyone enjoys good music.Also Read – Viral Video: Pair of Diving Birds Walk On Water Gracefully. Here’s How They Do It

The video shared on Twitter Buitengebieden shows the old man playing a song named The Moon Represents My Heart by Teresa Teng on the harmonica in a park. As two adorable geese attracted to the music come to watch the man, he could be seen squatting down for them and playing a song for them. Also Read – Viral Video: Thirsty Black Cobra Drinks Water From a Glass. Watch

The geese looked at the man with utmost admiration as he beautifully continued to play the song on the mouth instrument. The two geese could be seen thoroughly enjoying the man’s performance and bobbing their heads to the tune. Also Read – Man Plays Banjo For Wild Fox, Video Goes Viral With 10 Million Views! Watch

The geese could be heard joining the man to sing or thank him as he finished the song. “The crowd is going crazy at the end,” read the caption.

Watch the viral video below:

The video has received over 153k views and 11k likes. As expected, netizens thought the video was wholesome and even said this man’s soothing music and the geese’s adorable reaction was exactly what was needed today. Here are some of the comments from the post:

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