GRIM REAPER Metal Singer Steve Grimmett Net Worth At Death And Wife

GRIM REAPER Metal Singer Steve Grimmett Net Worth At Death And Wife

In August 2022, Russ Grimmet, the frontman for the band GRIM REAPER, announced that his father, Steve Grimmett, had died at 62. The death of the singer has heart broken several fans around the globe, and many of them have made tributes to the singer in social media sites.

After joining the band Grim Reaper in 1982, he became the lead vocalist of the metal band. The band earned a significant reputation through its released album and performance on the European tour.

Steve Grimmett’s Net Worth

The Net worth of the British heavy metal vocalist of the Grim reaper was estimated to be around $2 million before his death on 2022.

Through professional work and a career in singing, The actor made a successful journey throughout his life. He had released several albums solo and as well as through bands. The discography and Metal band career made him earn the fame that he had dreamed of since he was young.

Among his released music, His albums like Walking in the Shadow, Personal Crisis, and A tribute to the darkness albums were the hit ones. His top songs are Thunder, Wait for Ever, Lonely, Enemy, Promises, Invincible, and the Boys are Back in Town.

He was also involved in projects like The Sanity days and Steve Grimmett’s Grim Reaper, through which he made a large pool of wealth.

Wife of Steve Grimmett: Millie Grimmett

Steve Grimmett got married to his wife Millet Grimmett in Swindon and was blessed with three children. She was known after marrying the lead vocalist of the Grim Reaper.

Millie has remained out of the spotlight through the past decades and has not made many public appearances, unlike her partner. The professional life of his wife is currently unavailable in any sources.

The information about her children is also little known. The only info about his Son Russ Grimmet has been released to the media as of the current date.

His wife expressed her sadness and condolence regarding her husband’s demise on Monday, saying she would join him again and wait for her on the official page of Steve Grimmett’s Grim Reaper.

Death Cause of Steve Grimmett

Steve Grimmett, the frontman on the GRIM REAPER, has passed at the age of 62, which was confirmed by the announcement of his son, Russ Grimmet in August 2022. The cause of the death of the singer has not been made public.

The death of the vocalist occurred on 15 August after living a prosperous long life. The family members of the Grimmet might soon reveal the cause of the death of the actor and his moments in the end.

His wife wrote on the page on august 16,2022 captioning, “This is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to write, but it’s with a heavy & shattered heart to say that my beloved Steve died suddenly & unexpectedly on Monday 15 August. Wait for me, my love until we are together again. Your Millie xxx”.

Many fans have made tributes to the lead singer of the metal bands, expressing their shock and sadness on his official page on Facebook and other social media platform.

One of his followers wrote on the Twitter,” I’m so saddened since I learned that Steve Grimmett passed away. A real hero with a magnificent voice. I feel honored that I saw him live and briefly chatted with him when he played with his band in Athens back in 2009. R.I.P.”

Steve Grimmett Was GRIM REAPER Vocalist

The heavy metal band gained major fame throughout the globe after the joining of their lead vocalist, Steve Grimmet, in 1982. The band was formed in the city of Worcestershire three years before his debut in the band.

After taking over former vocalist Paul DE Mercado, he was the lone member two times in 1988 and 2006, after the disbanding of the group. After the disbanding of the group Grimmett went onto solo records. He reformed the band in 2006 with Guitarist Nick Bowcott.

The major success of the banned began after successfully competing the several metal bands in the local battle completion. They signed with the small Uk Laber and released three rapid albums in a row. In the years 2016 and 2019, Grimmet worked on the two studio albums named Walking in the Shadoe and At the Gate.

Grim reaper, with its outstanding performing vocalist, earned significant success around the globe with the release of the singles and Airplay on MTV. In the 2000s, the band made various appearances in Europe and at festivals with bands such as British Steel, Sword Brother, and Keep it True.