Herd of Baaratis Run To Get Shadi Food As Dinner Service Opens. Watch

Viral Video Today: Everyone enjoys having delicious Indian food at desi weddings. For many people, it is one of the reasons they look forward for going to the shadi. From dal makhani, shahi paneer with naan in main course to gulab jamun and ice cream in dessert, there’s nothing like ‘shadi ka khana’. It is an experience in itself. And for these people, we’re not even exaggerating. Free tasty food seems like the only reason these guests went to this wedding and not to bless the couple getting married.Also Read – Viral Video: Wedding Guests Get Desi Jugaad For AC As a Cool Welcome, Netizens Are Amused. Watch

A hilarious video is going crazy viral on social media that shows how a herd of baaratis jumped onto the food as soon as dinner service opened. The video uploaded by a meme page ‘baagdi_baata_’ has left netizens utterly in splits. The reel has received 32.6 million views and 1.8 million likes. Also Read – Viral Video: California Cops Reach Punjabi Wedding After Noise Complaint, What They Did Next Was Totally Unexpected | Watch

The video show waiters lifting the lids off all the dishes as baaratis are about to enter the dinner service area. As soon as the waiters saw a huge swarm of hungry wedding guests rushing toward the food, they got out of the way. The first person, an elderly man, seemed like the most excited for the food there as he ran faster than anyone there. He then grabbed a plate and started piling on food onto it. The others were not far behind and ran almost as fast as him to get their plates of food before everything is gone. Also Read – Bizarre Wedding Blunder! Bride Marries Sister’s Groom After Mix-up Due to Power Cut in MP’s Ujjain

Watch the viral video below:

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