Here Are The Details Regarding The Arrest Of Bike Owner Tarek Zahed For Murder Involvement

Tarek Zahed, who was the target of an attempted murder in May in the eastern suburbs of Sydney, has been detained by the police.

The Comancheros’ sergeant-at-arms had been seen in public for the first time since the attempted assassination that took place on August 22. He had sustained many gunshot wounds as a result of the attack, which also claimed the life of his younger brother.

Tarek Zahed Arrested Over Murder Involvement

Kingpin, criminal, and Brutal Comanchero Boss, Tarek Zahed is a well-known figure in the Australian underworld. On numerous occasions, he has continued in engaging in illegal behaviour, including assaults, fights, street fights, and other types of fighting, as well as committing criminal charges.

In spite of several strong warnings from the police that he was a target of a hitman, he refused to stop and reveal his whereabouts, so unknown assailants shot him and killed him. The police had warned him that he was a target of a hitman.

Recent reports from the news indicate that he was arrested for the claimed involvement he had in a gangland murder that took place in 2014. Only three months after being wounded 10 times in a gangland hit, Tarek Zahed, the national sergeant-at-arms, was brought into custody on Sunday night. His arrest came shortly after midnight.

Zahed and his brother Omar were both shot in a gym in western Sydney; however, Zahed miraculously survived while Omar passed away immediately after the shooting. The so-called “Balenciaga Bikie” was struck by bullets to the head and the body, including one that passed through his eyeball completely. He underwent surgery while he was still in critical condition, and then he was rushed to the hospital thereafter. His brother Omar, who was 39 years old, passed away as a result of the shooting.

On the previous Sunday, the national head of the Comanchero gang, Allan Meehan, shared a selfie taken at a restaurant in Melbourne with an underworld figure and two other associates, all of whom were dressed formally and adorned with jewellery.

Meehan called his friend Tarek “hard2kill” Zahed in the comment he wrote for the picture on Instagram, and he expressed his happiness at seeing him again. Zahed made a miraculous recovery after being shot at more than 20 times in a failed attempt to kill him at the Bodyfit Gym in the Auburn neighbourhood of Sydney in the month of May.

The Charges Against Bikie Boss Tarek Zahed, Explained

Tarek Zahed, a bullet-riddled biker, has vowed to fight the claims of violating crime prevention orders from his hospital bed, despite the fact that he has been accused of doing so.

In 1995, a court determined that Tarek Zahed was convicted of assault that led to actual bodily harm, resisting arrest, and assaulting law enforcement officers. After a period of six years, the police charged Zahed with employing a dog in an attack on a person. During that time, he was taken into custody on multiple occasions.

In 2004, following a disagreement regarding narcotics, he stepped on another man’s head, for which he received a prison sentence of five years. The victim had suffered a head trauma. After a period of four years, Zahed decides to become a member of the Comanchero biker organisation.

In addition, in the year 2011, multiple people were stabbed, and Zahed’s colleague shot at them with a nail gun before the Balenciaga Bikie fired four shots from a moving car, hitting a man in the shoulder and the ear.

Finally, in the year 2022, he was taken into custody and charged of defying a significant crime prevention order on two separate occasions.

Tarek Zahed’s Wife

Because he was a man who hid his own identity from the public, it is understandable that any information concerning his loved ones is protected from public view. There have been rumours that Zahed’s wife was his business partner in all he did, but it is impossible to verify these rumours.

Twitter and other social media platforms are fascinated about his love life, which has not been disclosed anywhere else, and they want to know more about it.

Tarek Zahed Siblings and Family

The amount of information that Tarek Zahed disclosed regarding his family was limited. Being a member of a criminal organisation did not come up in conversation very often. He was very discreet about it. Tarek was concerned that his family would be put in danger as a result of this situation. As a result, he does not want any information about his family made public, including the slightest detail. It is common knowledge that he had a brother who went by the name Omar, and that the two of them collaborated on several projects. When they attacked him earlier, so did his brother at the same time by the assailants. Although he passed away while he was there, Tarek is still in the hospital working on recovering from his injuries. In addition, it is unknown where the remainder of the family resides, nor do we know where they originated from in the first place. Simply said, we are aware of the fact that they are of Australian nationality. The remaining information is confidential and is to be respected at all times. After being assaulted, he has made it clear that he does not want to experience anything else of a similar nature.

Tarek Zahed Career

In 2009, Tarek Zahed began his cycling career by taking a job with the Comanchero Bike Club, which he had previously joined. It was in the year 2001 when he first showed signs of having criminal tendencies. After thereafter, a number more assaults were reported against him, and he was eventually sentenced to five years in prison for his crimes. After serving his sentence, he was finally free in 2009 and immediately joined the club. In 2011, he participated in a chaotic running street combat with the bike club as well as another gang. For that offence, he was looking at a potential sentence of eight years in prison. As a result, he rose to prominence in the criminal underworld from that point on. After he was finally let out of prison in the year 2020, he immediately joined the Outlaw Motorcycle club and was promoted to the position of National Sergeant of Arms. It was then that he assumed the role of leader of the motorcycle club. The next year, in 2022, he was the victim of a gunshot attack carried out by hitmen working for a different street gang. Both the police and the criminal groups have their sights set on him from the beginning of his life. It is fair to say that he is a notorious criminal who faces the repercussions of his actions and exacts a price for them.

NetWorth of Tarek Zahed

Tarek Zahed makes the majority of his money from participating in illicit gang operations. Additionally, he has connections to those that deal in illegal drugs. It is common knowledge that he had an extravagant lifestyle beginning in the year 2020. All of life’s finer pleasures were made available to him as a result of the position he had as president of the club. Regarding his estimated wealth, we have no information whatsoever. However, according to the sources, he possesses a significant amount of property, regardless of whether or not this is in violation of the law. We arrived at a ballpark figure, and we think that his total wealth is somewhere in the neighbourhood of $600,000.

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Tarek Zahed Height & Weight

Height (approx.) In centimeters – 183 cm 

In meters – 1.83 m 

In feet inches – 6‘0”

Weight (approx.) In kilogram – 92 kg 

In pounds – 202 lbs