How Did Jeff German Die? Las Vegas Investigative Reporter Stabbed Outside Home CCTV Footage Video

The Las Vegas Review-Journal, which has won many awards, said that “Jeff German” was found dead outside of his home on September 3, 2022.

As soon as his loved ones found out how sick he was, they took him to the nearest hospital so that the doctors could treat him. In the meantime, his friends and family told the right people what was going on and asked them to file a complaint. You can find out more about what you need to know and some things you may not have known below.

Exclusive reports or sources say that the assassination was done by a few anonymous people who came up to him and started stabbing him in a certain way without saying a word. They quickly left the scene, leaving him stabbed to death. So, when he screamed loudly, many of his closest friends and family came to help him. At first, they called 911 and told the dispatcher what was going on, along with a description of the bad guy. Unfortunately, there was not even a single CCTV camera in the area where he had stabbed someone.

What Did Jeff German Do?

At the moment, the suspect is still on the run because the authorities are still looking into the case so they can catch him as soon as they can. Because a criminal is always a criminal, and he needs to be held before he tries to kill someone else again. Even warrants have been sent out by the police, asking people to let them know if they see someone who looks suspicious. Because detaining people who don’t pay has become so important, the police even bring out records of people with bad reputations so that everything can be as clear as a mirror.

The victim is being cared for by the medical team right now so that they can get him back to good health as soon as possible. But he hasn’t said anything yet because of his health. Because of this, the police are also trying to get him to say something on the record. Because he was the only one who saw the defaulter’s face, the police will record his statement as soon as he comes to. So, as soon as we know something, we’ll let you know. Stay in touch with us.

The Review-Journal says that at 10:30 a.m. on Saturday, police responded to a 911 call and found German, 69, dead outside his home. He had what looked like stab wounds. Authorities thought that German had gotten into a fight before the stabbing, but the stabbing itself seemed to be out of the ordinary.

On Sunday, police were looking for someone.

“The Review-Journal family is devastated” by Jeff’s death, executive editor Glenn Cook said. In the news business, he was the standard. Without him shining light on the dark for so many years, it’s hard to imagine what Las Vegas would be like today.

German was a reporter and columnist for the Las Vegas Sun for a long time, according to his biography. He wrote about the courts, politics, labor, the government, and organized crime. After he started working for the Review-Journal in 2010, he looked into a wide range of things, such as organized crime, political corruption, and government failures.

In 2001, he wrote a book about organized crime called “Murder in Sin City: The Death of a Las Vegas Casino Boss.” He also wrote and hosted the second season of the Review-true-crime Journal’s podcast “Mobbed Up: the Fight for Vegas.”

Many of German’s former coworkers have talked about his time in the news business on social media.

Rhonda Prast, who is the assistant managing editor for investigations and engagement at the paper, wrote on Twitter that she was saddened by the death of a “gifted friend and colleague.” “It’s been a pleasure to work with you for the past three years on the I-team. What a horrible blow to me and to Las Vegas.

Who Was German Jef? Biography

Jeff German is one of Nevada’s most experienced and respected journalists. He is an investigator for the Journal.

German worked in the Las Vegas media for more than 30 years. During that time, he broke a number of important stories, including ones about political scandals, government corruption, and the October 1 mass shooting.

Wife of Jeff German

No one knows if Jeff is in a relationship or not. No one knows if he is single or has a girlfriend or boyfriend. But we will soon know everything new about Jeff German’s family, relationships, and more.

On Sunday morning, the Las Vegas police department stressed how important the murder investigation was.

“On Saturday, LVMPD used its major case protocol to investigate the homicide,” the agency said.

This “brings together a variety of resources to maximize the investigation” so that the criminal can be caught quickly.

Captain Dori Koren of the Metropolitan Police Department said that at 10:30 a.m. on Saturday, a caller said that their neighbor had been found dead on the side of their house in the 7200 block of Bronze Circle, which is close to North Tenaya Way.

Police found 69-year-old German outside of his home with stab wounds. Police think that a fight with another person led to the stabbing, which happened late in the morning on Friday.

Koren said that they think the stabbing was a one-off and that the public is safe.

Cook says that German never told anyone with power at the Review-Journal that he was afraid for his safety or that he had been threatened.

When Carolyn Goodman, the mayor of Las Vegas, heard that German had died, she was shocked.

Goodman said that what happened was “an act of violence for no reason.” This is always a shocking way to die, and it must stop. We will keep a close eye on the police investigation as it goes on.

German worked as a columnist and reporter for the Las Vegas Sun for more than twenty years, covering courts, politics, labor, government, and organized crime. In 2010, he moved to the Review-Journal. Sunday, Cathy Scott, a former reporter for the Sun who is now an author, said this. German worked hard to find out what was going on in the city and write about it.

She remembered that she and German were the first reporters to write about the death of Herbert “Fat Herbie” Blitzstein, who was a member of the Las Vegas mob. This happened in 1997. She said that organized crime was often talked about in German news outlets.

Scott said that he was a tough news guy. “He worked long hours and knew a lot of people; he was a real newshound all the way through. He really was like that, it’s true. He worked very hard at his job.

Whenever he did an investigation, something changed, whether it was the way things were done or the people in charge.

His reporting has uncovered claims of bullying, hostility, and bad management at the Clark County public administrator’s office, as well as extremist activity in Southern Nevada and missed city inspections before the 2019 Alpine Motel Apartments fire, which killed at least a dozen people.

Review-“Mobbed Journal’s Up: The Fight for Vegas” is a popular podcast, and German wrote and hosted Season 2 of the show.

The eight 2021 episodes show the rise and fall of organized crime from Wayne Newton’s point of view.

This audio project from the Review-Journal and the Mob Museum in downtown Detroit is about the Aladdin Hotel and its ties to the Detroit underworld in the late 1970s.

German told the story of how the book came to be by using interviews with prosecutors and elected officials as well as his own memories of covering the mob at the time.

Examining and probing

The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority was looked into by German and the rest of the Review-Investigative Journal team starting in 2017.

After looking at over 32,000 pages of receipts from the authority’s top executives, the reporters wrote an expose about their wasteful spending on things like expensive entertainment, gifts for staff, and first-class trips overseas for elected officials who serve on the agency’s board.

The agency is also said to have given out iPads, golf clubs, and other expensive items worth over $125,000 without keeping track of them, and some of its security officers were taken off their regular jobs to drive high-ranking officials around town. After hearing these reports, the people in charge of the convention agreed with what an accounting firm said should be done to cut costs and limit gifts and travel for board members.

After hearing the stories, an audit was done. During the audit, it was found that several executives had used Southwest Airlines gift cards worth thousands of dollars in the wrong way.

As a result of the audit, several defendants pleaded guilty to criminal charges in 2020, and the entire executive team was replaced, including longtime CEO Rossi Ralenkotter.

About the Mass Murder

The Review-Journal was looking into the agency when a high-stakes gambler at the Mandalay Bay opened fire from his 32nd-floor suite, killing 60 people and himself at an outdoor concert in Las Vegas.

A few days after the shooting, German media reported that the person who did it had first shot at two jet fuel tanks nearby, damaging one of them but missing the concert venue itself. Because of this, more safety measures were called for, and an outside investigation found that the tanks needed stronger safety measures.

German also found out that none of the Strip casinos, including Mandalay Bay, had shown Nevada’s top public safety officials their emergency response plans in years. As the lead investigator, he found evidence that state officials didn’t follow a law from 2003 that said casinos had to file such plans.

German’s records show that there isn’t enough oversight, and officials have said that they don’t have any criteria to use to decide if casino proposals are possible or not. The story led the state to set up a commission with the job of changing the laws and making casinos follow stricter rules.

The Germans heard a story about a thief who, after being cleared of stealing from three jewelry stores because of corruption in the government, went back to one of the stores he had stolen from before.

And he was in charge of the team that wrote the investigation that showed that Clark County DA Steve Wolfson didn’t press charges against a longtime aide who stole almost $42,000 from the 2014 campaign to pay for a video poker habit. Wolfson let his assistant, Audrie Locke, quit quietly so she could get help for her gambling problem without going to court.

After she was done with therapy, she paid back the loan and was hired back

The theft went unnoticed for more than three years. In 2014, German and another reporter got copies of private emails between Wolfson and Locke in which they talked about the theft. When the emails were shown to Wolfson and Locke, they both agreed to interviews and admitted that there had been a cover-up.

Wolfson was running for re-election, but he got a challenger and lost important support after people said he seemed to favor a close employee.

German, who got his master’s degree from Marquette, wrote “Murder in Sin City: The Death of a Las Vegas Casino Boss” in 2001. It tells the story of how the heir to the Horseshoe Club fortune, Ted Binion, was killed.