How long was the child ill before Richard Engel’s son Henry died?

How long was the child ill before Richard Engel’s son Henry died?

Richard Engel, chief foreign correspondent for NBC News, lost his six-year-old son Henry.

Finally says Dada that Engel made his Today show debut in March with a poignant essay on his first child, Henry, who had been diagnosed with Rett Syndrome. Severe cognitive and physical deficits result from this uncommon inherited neurological condition.

“After a long time apart, I was singing “Good Morning” to Henry when he looked at me, locked my eyes, and whispered, as clear as any word,” the speaker said.

When their son was two years old and unable of speaking or clapping his hands, Engel and Forrest first realized something was wrong with him.

Obituary: Richard Engel Son Henry’s Rett Syndrome Is the Cause of Death

The devastating news that Henry Engel had passed away with Rett syndrome was revealed by Engel. At the moment, he was six years old.

Thursday morning, the chief foreign reporter for NBC News tweeted, “Henry, our adored son, passed away. He was endowed with stunning blue eyes, a kind grin, and an infectious chuckle.”

the additional, “He was constantly surrounded by our love, which he lavishly extended to us. Mary and Richard.” Many of his fans and loved ones posted condolence notes for the child after seeing the post.

What became of Henry?

Richard and Mary Forrest saw that their son was having difficulties with his cognitive and physical skills. When he was just two years old, their son Henry received the Rett Syndrome diagnosis.

Rett syndrome is a relatively uncommon neurological disorder that affects brain development, according to the Mayo Clinic. There is a progressive loss of verbal and motor skills due to this incurable illness.

Engel stated in a subsequent tweet: “Researchers are working wonders using Henry’s cells to help cure RETT Syndrome so that others won’t have to suffer from this horrible condition. A link to Texas Children’s Hospital, which raises money for the condition, was also provided.”

Health And Illness Of Henry Before Death

Henry was identified as having Rett syndrome in 2017. The journalist described in 2020 how the coronavirus lockdown had made his illness worse and prevented him from attending school, which left him unable to walk or communicate.

Engel clarified, “The youngsters would come up to him, kiss him, play with his hair, and offer him toys. The happiness in his eyes told them he enjoyed and appreciated it even though he didn’t always respond as they had anticipated. The most expressive eyes are those of children with exceptional disabilities.”

Henry’s condition deteriorated after developing dystonia, which the Mayo Clinic defines as a movement disease in which your muscles spasm uncontrollably and cause repeated or twisting movements. The journalist exposed this earlier this summer.

He said, “Brother Theo is showering affection on him at home after spending six weeks in the hospital.” But Hanry passed away on August 9, 2022.

Zoghbi claims that Henry had a profound impact on the Duncan NRI team’s ongoing Rett study. The doctor stated that in order to commemorate his life, they would make every attempt to create remedies.