How Much Weight Did Jared Leto Lose For Morbius? Medical Condition Of The Character Portrayed!

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How Much Weight Did Jared Leto Lose For Morbius?

To lend realism to his Michael Morbius portrayal, Jared Leto both lost and gained weight. Leto told Yahoo Entertainment that doing so is not only tough but also dangerous due to the health risks, and he has done it several times for his films.

Leto said that losing weight was different because there’s something about the restriction that humans examined for thousands of years. He knows restraint, meditation as a means of self-discovery, as a spiritual component of a spiritual journey and there was something fascinating about that process.”

He compared gaining weight to losing weight stating when one lost weight, his body naturally wants it to come back. Jared considers Morbius is a fantastic film for him and his interests as an actor, which include tremendous physical demands and extreme challenges.

Disease & Medical Condition Of Morbius Explained

Jared Leto gained 67 pounds to play killer Mark David Chapman in films like Chapter 27. He lost 30 pounds for the Oscar-winning film Dallas Buyers Club. Suddenly, Jared Leto’s strange Joker method acting technique for Suicide Squad doesn’t seem that outlandish.

His co-star Matt Smith said that he had never experienced what he did for Morbius. Leto stays physically, psychologically, and emotionally close to the character the entire time. When he gets there, he’s all in.

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He is the bearer of a rare illness in his blood that disfigures his looks and condemns him to grow up behind the walls of his maternal house in Greece, according to the character developed by writer Roy Thomas and illustrator Gil Kane.

This allowed him to dedicate all of his free time to studying and practicing human and animal biology. Dr. Michael Morbius sought treatment for his condition through research with bat DNA and electroshock therapy after establishing himself as a distinguished scientist who was even awarded the Nobel Prize.

Morbius’ health was exposed after one of these tests, and he gradually developed an intense case of ‘vampirism.’ He obtained the complete look and powers of a vampire as a result of this, including his bloodlust.

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