How Much Weight Has Bryce Dallas Howard Gained? Are Her Pregnancy and Plastic Surgery Rumors True?

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How Much Weight Has Bryce Dallas Howard Gained?

According to her, Lacie is a young woman struggling with body image issues and an eating disorder while attempting to fit into a much smaller outfit. The character portrayed a terrible reality of women being pressured to resemble in a specific way. Thus, Howard wanted to represent realistically, so the actress gained 35 pounds.

However, the actress mentioned she had to eat a lot to gain weight. She revealed she ate around the clock. The first thing in the morning and last thing before she closed her eyes. She also added that she had to eat a lot of chocolate bars. 

Nevertheless, she trained a lot and performed CrossFit to lose the additional weight she had put on. However, it was not like this the first time she had put on some weight. 

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Bryce Dallas Howard had to battle her excess baby weight after her pregnancy. However, as spotted in 2012, she looked much more significant than she used to look during her usual slim self. 

However, 15 months later after her second child, she showed up on a Tuesday night Call Me Crazy Los Angeles TV premiere. She seemed to have lost a lot and won her battle against her baby weight. Additionally, she had also gone through post-partum depression during her first child. She sadly expressed her words. 

Nevertheless, the actress lost weight in 2013 after gaining excessive baby weight. Similarly, she also put on some weight recently for her role in Black Mirror. Furthermore, we believe she has not performed any plastic surgery. 

Here Is What We Need To Know About Bryce Dallas Howard’s Pregnancy 

Bryce Dallas Howard stated she had gained 35 pounds for her role as Lacie in a Black Mirror episode named Nosedive. To bring the character Lacie in life, she went through such physical change.

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Bryce Dallas Howard plastic surgery rumors surge on the web, but it seems to be a hoax. The actress herself has not revealed anything regarding it so far. However, some think so as she has gone through many physical transformations. 

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