How Old Is Callum Robson? Age Of “Australian Surfer” Revealed

Callum Robson is an Australian professional surfer from regional New South Wales whose age has not too long ago pulled the audience’ consideration. . . Follow us for more famous person & leisure updates.

How Old Is Callum Robson – Know The Age Of The Surfer

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Moreover, he has not offered his darling or shared footage of himself with his girlfriend on his social accounts. So, it’s going to be protected to say that the surfer is probably unmarried presently.

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Surfer Callum Robson Wikipedia Biography

Callum Robson is a 21-year-old surfer from regional New South Wales, as said through the ABC net. The surfer has already loved a stellar junior career and completed runner-up in the Australasian/Oceania WSL JQS championship in 2018.

The consequence earned him a slot in the prestigious World Pro Junior tournament. Robson additionally traveled to Northern Indonesia on a Tracks travel along Toby Mossop, Kyuss King, Brodie Sale, Liam O’Brien, Torrey Leister, and Wyatt McHale in 2019.

The team recorded a lovable little slab all to themselves in browsing’s latest hot spot, Simeulue, and grew to become themselves dizzy when a super air wind puffed their method in the Banyaks.

In a 2019 interview, the surfer mentioned his aggressive ambitions, browsing passionately day by day on the east coast’s shakiest stretch, and additional operating on the equipment between occasions.

A 21-year-old regional New South Wales local, Callum Robson, is a rookie Australian surfer making waves on the global level after not too long ago taking pictures up the ranks.

The surfer rose from humble chippie to browsing famous person, amassing more steam on Wednesday, with the Aussie recording the largest win of his career at the Gold Coast Pro to date.

Callum is taking part in a forged get started to his first yr on the championship excursion. The younger surfer has already accumulated 3 round-of-16 finishes to cross at the side of his second-place effort at Bells Beach.

Callum Robson seems to be unmarried as of now. The younger surfer turns out to be more targeted on his browsing career and steadily stays busy with other browsing occasions.

Robson additionally performed in Bellas seaside final on April 17, 2022. He is an Aussie Surfer who made his rookie twelve months on the World Surf League Championship Tour.

He could also be a first-time bell ringer after his first podium finish. He had performed with Flip Toledo, who may be very tough to beat on the suffering.

Robson attended Woodlawn High School, and for some time, he used to go online. Before obtaining a career in browsing, Rabson labored as a woodworker.

Callum Robson is well approachable on Instagram below the username @callummrobson. The younger surfer is somewhat well-known on social accounts, with his wonderful 15.6k fans on Instagram.

His pastime for browsing can be simply observed in his each and every publish on Instagram. His Instagram wall is complete of his browsing photos, and we will be able to additionally say that he enjoys fishing, with more than one photos of him posing thankfully whilst fishing.

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