Imlie, Today’s Episode 16th May 2022 Full Written Update, Narmada asks Imlie to Leave Her job

Here we are again with one other written update of the most t distinguished show, Imlie. This show is operating with the nice TRP on tv. In accordance to the promo videos, the show goes to be very fascinating and entertaining. The latest episode begins with Aryan returning house with Imlie. Narmada takes him inside and scolds him inside and scolds him for going behind Imlie by disobeying her. Aryan asks what she means. Narmada says it has been 3 hours since he left the hospital and the physician scolded her for careless conduct. Imlie requests Narmada to communicate to her and let her mistake if she has harm her emotions. Narmada asks her to go away her job right now.


Aryan will get shocked to hear this and asks her why ought to Imlie go away her work. Narmada says it’s obligatory that she has to go away her job. Narmada says that Arpita additionally leaves her job after her marriage. Aryan says it was her selection. Why ought to Imlie go away her job? Narmada asks the reply, and Jyoti thinks she is going to however Aryan stops her by saying that there is no such thing as a want to sacrifice. Aryan asks why is she towards her job regardless of what she supported earlier.

Aryan says that Imlie has dealt with every part silently and she has managed her workplace and house responsibilities amazingly. He counts all the work of the home which she does morning to night. Arpita asks Narmada when she accepted Imlie as her family’s Lakshmi who modified Aryan’s life, then what’s the downside to her now. Nila says Bahu ought to full her duty. Gudiya says she is ideal for Aryan as a result of she childhood buddy. Then Jyoti thinks first she is going to by means of Imlie then she is going to by means of Gudiya from his life.

Imlie scolds Aryan for his conduct and Aryan says her she speaks proper and for others, however can not help herself. Their cute battle began once more. Arpita says them to remedy their points. Nila and Gudiya proceed to brainwash Narmada. Imlie prays in the earlier morning and she sings a Bhajan in a loud voice.

She asks Nila to avoid Narmada and Aryan and Arpita additionally says that they hope that she stays with their mother. Imlie warns Nila to dare not separate her from Narmada in any other case she is going to not go away them. Aryan feels a headache. Imlie questions and taunts him. She then massages his scalp. He needs Narmada’s misunderstanding in direction of Imlie clears quickly.