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Meet Caterina Masetti Zannini, Callum Ilott Girlfriend, And Their Age Gap

Callum Ilot and Caterina Masetti Zanini have created buzz through their relationship and pictures on their social media. 

The couple is five months apart in their age. Callum, born on November 11, 1998, is running on his twenty-third year of earth landing. Likewise, his girlfriend, Caterina, born on April 2, 1999, has recently turned twenty-three.

The compatibility and mutual understanding between the couple have made their relationship stronger and happier.

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Callum and Caterina have recently completed their one year of togetherness. Posting a cute picture of the couple on April 13, Ilott wished his love a year of togetherness. It is the first photo of the couple the racer has uploaded on his Instagram.

By the start of the love, the couple has remained with each other in every up and down. 

However, Callum is not her first love. She was previously in a relationship with Pierre Gasly, who is too a racer. The former couple was said to be in love for about three years.

Probably, the former couple had some misunderstandings and split mutually for the state of good.

The audience got shocked and happy at the same time when Caterina posted a couple’s picture of hers with Callum on August 21 last year. Many followers were asking the lady if she and Galsy got broken up.

Callum Illot was born to his father, Steve Ilott, and his mother, Jane Eyes. As said on famous birthdays, Ilot was brought to the racing world by his father, a motorsport enthusiast.

Likewise, his mother, Jane, is a communications and commercial consultant in Callum Ilott Ilott Racing. 

Jane has been experienced in the field for more than eight years now. Her main target includes:

Besides Callum, the Ilott couple has given birth to a daughter whose details are yet to be explored.

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Callum Ilott And Caterina Masetti Zannini’s Dating History And Relationship Timeline Explored

According to the latest news, the Bologna lady is an aerospace engineer. Likewise, she is an Instagram celebrity with more than sixty-four thousand followers.