Is Wrinkles The Clown In Jail? Real Face And True Story Details On Documentary

Wrinkles the Clown is not a criminal who is liable to jail penalties. He dwells in Naples, Florida, as a performance artist.. . Follow us for more celebrity & entertainment updates.

Is Wrinkles The Clown In Jail?

No, Wrinkles the Clown is not in jail. As Wrinkles is a grumpy homeless man who dresses up as a clown and lends himself out to parents for “a few hundred bucks” to scare disobedient youngsters.

The persona then appeared in numerous additional films, either terrifying youngsters at home or engaged in unpleasant conduct like waving to cars from a shadowy roadside.

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However, it was later discovered that the clown was not an invader, but rather had been sent to the house by the girl’s parents in order to torment their daughter.

Furthermore, parents pay $150 to have Wrinkles the Clown terrify their unruly children, according to the article.

Wrinkles The Clown’s Real Face Revealed

In 2015, the figure debuted in a YouTube video picturing him rising from beneath a young girl’s bed in the middle of the night.

Simultaneously, stickers with the clown’s face and a phone number began popping up all throughout Florida, swiftly going viral.

Although Wrinkles’ real identity has yet to be disclosed, in a November 2015 interaction with the Washington Post, he claimed to be a 65-year-old divorced veteran who migrated to Naples, Florida, from Rhode Island in 2009.

Similarly, in the 2019 documentary Wrinkles the Clown, the retiree featured in the film is shown to be an actress hired by the “genuine” Wrinkles, debunking the allegations stated in the Washington Post story as being made in character.

As per reports, the “real” Wrinkles, who seems to be considerably younger, reveals that the 65-year-old guy is a fictitious alter ego he developed to explain who he was behind the mask.

Yes, the true story of Wrinkles the Clown exists. The film is based on genuine events. At first, the horrifying video appeared to be a horror film, and many viewers mistook it for a parody.

Initially, a video of a girl sleeping on her bed and a drawer opening beneath her became popular on the internet. A clown clad in a polka-dotted outfit emerges from the drawer and hovers over the sleeping youngster.

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