Johnny Hunt Pastor Involved In A Sexual Assault: Was He Arrested? Case Explained

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Southern Baptist: Johnny Hunt Pastor Sexual Assault

This news also came from America when the former president of the Southern Baptist convention Johnny Hunt alleged a sexual assault. As soon as this news comes to media and goes viral on social media platforms. People are seeking to know more details about it. That is why they are coming to many sites and social media platforms to get further details of this surprising news.

This news already has become hot chat and attracted many people on the social media platform. This article will surely be helpful to you all. We will let our users and viewers know the exact cause and will provide you with the right information. You all are requested to read this article with the same patience.

Was Johnny Hunt Pastor Arrested?

The former president of the Southern Baptist Church Johnny Hunt is under the spotlight when he was alleged sexual assault. Johnny took his breath on July 17, 1952, in Lumberton, North Carolina, United States. When he was seven years old he had faced the worst part of his life his father left the family. Later he was addicted to alcohol and gambling. He dropped out his school at the age of 16 and started managing the pool room. He is a Christian pastor and an author. He was also an ex-senior pastor at Baptist Church in Woodstock, Georgia.

This incident happened when His timer period as president of the Southern Baptist convention was about to end in 2010. The lady blamed him and said that Hunt blackmailed the woman silently at the SBC’c church. He was claiming to her that disclose the incident. The lady denies and she also requested to the police that does not reveal her name to the media, her name will be behind the curtain.

When the report was about to release, Hunt rejected the claims and resigned from the North American Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention. The lady is suffering years of mental and emotional and spiritual abuse. According to a survey since 2000 hundreds of SBC church leaders and volunteers reported in the police stations with sexual assault. He is not behind the bars and the concerned team is investigating the case.

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