Jon Gutierrez And Toni Fowler Relationship Status: Video Controversy On Twitter

Jon Gutierrez and Toni Fowler’s alleged relationship was the reason for his now-ex-wife Jelai Andres’s accusation of being cheated on by the Filipino rapper.. . Follow us for more celebrity & entertainment updates.

Jon Gutierrez And Toni Fowler’s Relationship

Jon Gutierrez and Toni Fowler’s alleged relationship had become the topic of interest when his now ex-wife Jelai Andres accused him of cheating on her with Toni.

In near to no time, the love story feud of one of the prominent couples in the country went viral all over the place. Andres and Jon took to their social stages to unveil details of their feud.

Jelai and Gutierrez appeared to be patching things up as the former couple had been seen in vlogs together back in 2020, regardless of the accusation made by Andres.

However, the couple had some troubles in their marital life. Jelai took to her Twitter to express her resentment and dismay towards her husband and accused him of cheating on her.

In a series of tweet threads, the Kapuso actress unveiled how she got cheated on by her then-husband Gutierrez. He was seeing a younger girl, according to her tweets.

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Jon Gutierrez is said to have accumulated a sizable net worth from his primary source of income from his music. However, the explicit figure is undetermined as of now.

Assuming that his precise fortune gets unfolded on the web, the article will be upgraded with the most updated information available in the tabloid media.

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Jon Gutierrez, at the moment, isn’t dating anyone. His latest music work includes a track entitled “SRRY.” The music video depicts his regret about his former relationship with his now ex-wife Jelai Andres.

Currently, the 30-year-old Filipino singer doesn’t appear to be in a relationship with anyone. That mentioned, he might be seeing someone which he prefers to keep away from the limelight.

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Jon Gutierrez Video Scandal Twitter And Tattoo

The Filipino singer was accused not long ago in 2019. He was reportedly accused of marital infidelity by Jelai Andres, a Filipino actress, and YouTube content creator.

Toni Fowler is the former RBreezy dancer. The content creator had been a hot topic after the news of Andres accusing Jon of cheating her with the dancer propagated on the web. 

Toni Fowler couldn’t stop but react with her tweet without indicating his name to the exclusive news. Yet, the fans knew that it was dedicated to the Filipino singer.

The dancer stated that she was right. The Filipino singer’s proper temperament would come out sooner or later. The tweet made significant rounds in the tabloid media.

Jon Gutierrez’s video scandal was unveiled by his now ex-wife Jelai Andres stating being cheated on by the singer on the Facebook Live video. It was before their patch up in 2020.

In the video, she became furious while unfolding Gutierrez’s alleged betrayal. A few days later, the Filipino singer broke his silence over the controversy via his social platform.

He talked about the amends with Jelai in the video. The singer explained that he didn’t take advantage of Toni Fowler, but she was the one who was unto him.

Gutierrez also shared some evidence concerning the accusation of him cheating on Andres with Toni. He also admitted his mistakes to his Jelai in the latter part of the video.

The singer also clarified that he is not the only one to blame and advised the cyber citizens to be fair in judging from all the perspectives. His Facebook Live video earned mixed reactions.

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