Kumkum Bhagya, Latest Episode 19th May 2022 Written Update, Ranbir Is In Critical Condition

The latest episode of Kumkum Bhagya begins with Prachi who’s praying to God to save her husband’s life. She asks her husband from Mata Rani and says that she at all times snatched her family and now, she has simply her husband. Sahana hears every thing from behind and consoles her. Sahana says that she noticed her asking about Ranbir’s life from Mata Rani however how will she really feel blissful from this? As a result of Ranbir resides with Rhea and all of the sudden, Prachi slaps Sahana. On one other facet, Pallavi talks about herself and says that her son left her and he got here again when she suffered a coronary heart assault.

kumkum bhagya

In any other case, she by no means comes again. She says that at all times he went to Bangalore and she doesn’t know what really occurred with him and Prachi? He was attacked by somebody and Aliya turns her face. Rhea says that Prachi can inform her every thing. The physician comes from the operation theatre and says that his operation continues to be going on and they’ll inform proper now. One other facet, Prachi says that if she doesn’t stay with her however he’ll stay her husband. She resides as a result of of him and he’s solely hers.

Prachi says that he’s every thing to her. Prachi says that he cherished her lots and he can do something. Sahana says that he doesn’t know every thing that he loves her. Sahana asks her to inform Ranbir every thing however Prachi denies it. Sahana says that Ranbir simply needs her and she is the solely one who can save his life. Prachi tells her every thing and he simply needed to save her mangalsutra. Sahana says that he simply cherished her. Sahana asks her to inform him that she is pregnant however Prachi denies it.

Sahana says that she is going to remorse her whole life if she doesn’t inform him something about being pregnant. Out of the blue, the chain snatchers come in the similar hospital for remedy and Sahana says that if one thing unsuitable will occur so, she is going to by no means forgive her. Prachi runs in direction of Ranbir’s room. One other facet, Aliya sees a series snatcher and talks to them. Pallavi sees Aliya going inside the room and goes there. Aliya shows them an image of Ranbir and all of the sudden, Pallavi comes there however takes water and goes again.

Prachi stands outdoors the gate and Sahana says that as a result of of her, Prachi is crying. One other facet, Rhea tells her about Ranbir and how did he attain there? Aliya tells her that he was attempting to save her mangalsutra. The physician says that if Ranbir will not acutely aware inside six hours so, he won’t ever get up. The Episode Ends.