Kundali Bhagya, Full Episode 27th May 2022 Written Update, Preeta Spoils Karan and Natasha Engagement

Right here we are going to share the written update of the upcoming episode of Kundali Bhagya. Tonight’s episode begins with Sherlyn and Natasha who inform Preeta about her engagement to Karan. Then, Natasha reveals that she doesn’t need any type of drama in her engagement after which, Preeta laughs and says that the engagement won’t ever be held. Then, Natasha says to Sherlyn that she doesn’t need any type of bother in the present day and Prithvi laughs when he hears Natasha saying this as a result of he employed her for this work and now, she is giving her order that Preeta is not older Preeta anymore however she has modified and Sheryln has turn into a coward.

Kundali Bhagya 27th May 2022 Written Update

In the meantime, Natasha talks to Kareena and Bani and tells them that she likes Karan so much. Later, Preeta comes in the celebration and says to Shristi that she is prepared for her plan in opposition to Sherlyn. Karan additionally comes in the engagement and his entry shocked Preeta as a result of he comes and asks about Natasha. He additionally asks to her he did she do something with her. Abruptly, Natasha comes into the body and says that she is all the time with Karan which makes Preeta jealous.

Together with this, Karan dances with Natasha to make Preeta jealous after seeing them collectively. After seeing this, Preeta will get jealous and she decides to show Natasha her actual place. She adjustments her on the dance ground. Karan and Preeta spends their romantic second on the dance ground collectively. Preeta proves that she nonetheless loves Karan. After seeing this, Natasha additionally feels jealous and she makes a brand new plan in opposition to Preeta with Sherlyn and Prithvi.

After this, Preeta leaves the home to save Rishabh and begins her mission to save Rishabh after spoiling Natasha and Karan’s engagement. Nicely, the upcoming episode of the show will certainly entertain the viewers as a result of there’ll be tons of drama going down in the upcoming days. Nicely, issues will be additionally modified in the latest episode and those that have been watching this serial for a very long time should be anticipated what is going to occur? It might be simply assumed that Karan and Natasha won’t ever get married as Preeta nonetheless loves Karan and she’s going to not let this occur till her final. So, let’s anticipate the upcoming episode of the serial.