Kundali Bhagya, Latest Episode 18th May 2022 Full Written Update, Kritika Exclaims Rakhi

Right here we are again with the latest update of Kundali Bhagya. This serial could be very well-known and widespread amongst folks. This serial is operating nicely with nice TRP on the tv. It’s a very fascinating and entertaining serial. In accordance to the promo video, this series begins with Karan telling Natasha that she does not look real nonetheless thanks for serving to him. She says to him that at present’s courtroom launched him and she has not needed him to end up behind bars once more that’s why she lied about his finance. She says that each one know that Preeta is Karan’s spouse so no one will recall her lie. She will get the automobile key from him and tells him to hop in the automobile. She thinks that she is going to play a thoughts recreation with him.

kundali bhagya

They go away from there. On the different facet, Preeta tells Srishti and Sameer that Prithvi and Sherlyn know about Prithvi’s whereabouts. She says that she has seen Rishabh. Sameer and Srishti get indignant at Prithvi. Preeta says them to settle down. She tells how she noticed a stranger throwing a parcel at Sherlyn’s room and additionally how she has seen Rishabh in the video. She says that Rishabh is in jail and the jail did not look like an Indian jail. She says that she is completely happy that she noticed Rishabh and how they need to be Rishabh to home it doesn’t matter what. She tells them that they need to get the CD to know more details about Rishabh. Sameer cries. Preeta comforts him. They go inside the home.

Natasha asks Karan what do you like in Preeta. He tells her that he loves every part about Preeta. She tells him that she protected him by risking her life, however Preeta tried to and future did not assist her as a result of of that why she may not succeed. So he ought to not indignant at Preeta. He says her there isn’t any want to intrude in his and Preeta’s downside. He tells her that she drives nicely. Preeta says that CD is in Prithci’s room now.

She says that they have to d one thing to make Prithvi go away the room, Sameer goes to the kitchen and burns the handkerchief and makes the fireplace alarm ring. Everybody hears the fireplace alarm and goes out of the home. Dadi asks that now it occurred. Sameer says that he’ll go inside to verify the situation of the home. Srishti tells him to go and verify. The episode ends right here, so don’t neglect to watch the full episode of Kundali Bhagya on the zee television channel. Keep tuned for more updates.