Leopard Shows Up Outside Rest House of IFS Officer, Reminds Him of Ruskin Bond Story. See Viral Pic

Viral News: Being a forest officer can be hard as they have daunting and thrilling experiences out there in the wild. Recently, an Indian Forest Service (IFS) officer shared an incident of meeting a leopard outside his rest house in a forest in Uttar Pradesh’s Bahraich district.Also Read – Viral Video: Leopard Enters Panipat Village, Attacks Forest Officials & Cops During Rescue Mission | Watch

IFS officer Akash Deep Badhawan tweeted a photo where a leopard can be seen strolling in the front yard of his forest rest house located in Katarniaghat Wildlife Sanctuary. Meeting the leopard reminded the forest officer of one of Ruskin Bond’s popular stories, ‘A Tiger in the House’. Also Read – Leopard on The Loose in Guwahati Triggers Panic, Attacks Woman Before Being Tranquilised | Watch

The officer said that he and the leopard spend a good amount of time together. The photo was taken when Badhawan was sitting inside his car. Also Read – Viral Video: Lost Leopard Cubs Rescued and Reunited With Their Mother in Maharashtra. Watch

“Like a Ruskin Bond story, met this one outside a Forest Rest House and we spent a good amount of time in each other’s company last night. So much wildlife history in the walls of these 120 plus years old FRH of Katarniaghat,” Badhawan wrote in his tweet.

His tweet has gone viral now with over 2,555 likes and 130 retweets. Twitter users called the officer lucky for being in such close proximity to nature and wildlife.

A fellow forest official tweeted that he has also seen tigers around this forest rest house. “Nice encounter,” he quote tweeted.

Another Twitter user shared a picture from the time he spotted a leopard in the night.

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