Liverpool Player Nat Phillips Girlfriend Molly Moorish Has Famous Parents, Here Is What We Know About Her

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Liverpool Player Nat Phillips Girlfriend Molly Moorish Has Famous Parents

Nat Phillips’s girlfriend, Molly Moorish, has famous parents. She is the daughter of singer Liam Gallagher and songwriter Lisa Moorish. 

However, she was born out of wedlock. Her father had just been married for two months when he started an affair with her mother. As a result, she gave birth to a daughter named Molly on March 26, 1998.

But, Molly did not meet her dad until May 2018. However, after meeting him, the songwriter said he had the desire to remain in her life. Thus, Molly changed her surname from “Moorish” to “Moorish-Gallagher” on her social media account. 

It was an emotional get-together between the father and daughter. Her mother arranged their meeting with the help of Liam’s girlfriend, Debbie Gwyther.

Both of her parents are famous singers and songwriters. However, many people are still unaware that the athlete’s girlfriend has an influential background. 

Molly Moorish was at the age of 19 when she met her rocker father, Liam Gallagher. He also created a song named Now That I’ve Found You after meeting his daughter.

He put his heart and soul into the song and made the live debut in an acoustic session at Hull City Hall for MTV Unplugged. According to Mirror Co Uk, the singer said he wanted to get involved in his daughter’s life after meeting her.

He also expressed his grievances over the few wrong things he had done. But, as people say, blood is thicker than water, and both father and daughter shed tears when they first met and wanted to learn about each other. 

Nat Phillips has not talked about his net worth details yet, but he is an English professional footballer. He is currently on loan from Premier League club Liverpool and plays as a center-back for AFC Bournemouth.

He is the son of former footballer Jimmy Phillips, and he played in the Bolton Wanderers academy under his father’s guidance. Although he had been with Liverpool since 2018, he made his league debut in 2020.

Liam Gallagher’s Met His Daughter Molly Moorish When She Was Age 19

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