Ludwig Swatted: Who Is He? Know About His Bio,Wiki And More

Ludwig Swatted: Who Is He? Know About His Bio,Wiki And More

Ludwig Ahgren, a YouTuber and streamer, was another one of the people the cops swatted as they were watching him live on stream.

On his YouTube account, which is called Ludwig, Ahgren frequently shares his reactions to various videos and pranks. The channel has a staggering 3.45 million subscribers, making it one of the most popular channels on YouTube.

The Yard is a podcast that can be found on YouTube and is hosted by Ludwig, which is actually Ahgren using a pen name. Additionally, he stated that he would be moving his stream entirely from Twitch to YouTube Gaming in the near future. In spite of this, his podcast with the CEO of YouTube causes him some level of annoyance.

 What exactly Happen? When A Live Stream Of Ludwig?

The unpleasant and illegal “prank” that is impacting streamers and online celebrities all over the world just claimed the life of YouTuber Ludwig Ahgren, who was swatted live on broadcast on August 28. Ahgren is the latest streaming celebrity to fall victim to the “prank.”

On the other hand, Ludwig is well-known for his pranks and jokes, and he is the host of the podcast The Yard, which can be found on YouTube. Podcasts are a cutting-edge way that can be utilized to disseminate information regarding particular occurrences and developments. They are valuable sources, particularly for the information collection that is being done. It was possible for Ludwig to sign it.

For the benefit of those who are unaware, “swatting” refers to the illegal practice of making fake calls to emergency services in order to draw armed police officers to a certain location. It is common practice for pranksters to break into the homes of famous streamers like Ludwig because they find it entertaining to watch the invasion of streamers’ homes unfold live on the internet.

A video of him being swatted is currently doing the rounds on social media. The video portrays the moment when police officers entered his residence while on watch and brandishing their firearms. Despite this, the video is no longer available to watch in the stream.

Who Is mononymous alias Ludwig?

Ludwig Anders Ahgren, better known by his mononymous alias Ludwig, was born in the United States on July 6, 1995. Ahgren is a live streamer, YouTuber, podcaster, esports commentator, and competitor. On Twitch from 2018 until late 2021 and beginning in late 2021 on YouTube, Ahgren broadcasts both video-game-related content and non-video-game-related content such as game shows, contests, and gambling. These live streams have brought Ahgren a great deal of notoriety, and they are the primary reason for which he is best known.  In addition to that, he is well-known for the work he has done as an esports commentator at a variety of Super Smash Bros. Melee competitions. Ahgren has quickly risen to become one of the most popular streamers on YouTube ever since he began doing so on a full-time basis on February 16, 2019.

Is Ahgren became the most subscribed Twitch streamer of all time?

Ahgren became the most subscribed Twitch streamer of all time on March 14, 2021, while staging a widely publicized “subathon” event. Ahgren’s channel finally reached a peak of 283,066 subscribers, taking the record away from Ninja, who was previously the most subscribed Twitch streamer.

On November 29, 2021, Ahgren made the announcement that he had struck a contract with YouTube Gaming that gave the company exclusive rights to his content.

 Ahgren was named “Streamer of the Year” at the 2022 Streamer Awards and took home the trophy for his efforts.

Early Life Of Ahgren

 He spent his childhood in Hollis, New Hampshire, with his mother and sister, where the family spoke both French and American. His father passed away at the age of 10, as a result of the problems that arose from his long-term heavy alcohol usage. His Swedish grandfather immigrated to the United States.

He received his diploma from Hollis-Brookline High School in New Hampshire in 2013, where he was a student.

In the year 2012, he took part in the performance of Legally Blonde that was put on by his high school and starred as Warner.  During this time, he launched his first attempt at content creation, which was a YouTube channel called “TheZanySidekick” that provided commentary on the Call of Duty video game.

At the moment, Ahgren shares a house in Los Angeles, California, with three other people, one of whom streams on Twitch by the name QTCinderella.

 Ahgren’s Career in gaming

In 2018, Ahgren hosted an invitational Melee netplay tournament called the Ludwig Ahgren Championship Series. It was a winner-take-all competition with a prize pool of $1000, and Counter Logic Gaming’s SFAT emerged victorious.
On April 13, 2020, Ahgren announced a new championship series that will succeed the first Ludwig Ahgren Championship Series. This new series will be called the Worldwide Ludwig Ahgren Championship Series.  When Ahgren re-announced it on June 30, 2020, he changed the name of the competition to the Ludwig Ahgren Championship Series 2. The competition was place on July 25 and 26, and Zain, a player with the Golden Guardians, emerged victorious.

After receiving a cease and desist order from Nintendo in November 2020 due to the tournament’s use of an emulator that enabled netplay and matchmaking for Melee,  The Big House 10 competition used a different emulator in November 2020. The third installment of the Ludwig Ahgren Championship Series, a charitable competition, was announced by Ahgren. On December 20 and 21, LACS 3 took place. In the grand finals, Mang0 defeated iBDW by a score of 3-1, and the tournament helped generate more than $261,668 for Gamers for Love. On May 16, 2018, Ahgren started doing live streaming on a part-time basis.
On February 16, 2019, he launched a career that involved streaming full-time.The audience that watched Ahgren’s stream remained extremely tiny during 2018 and 2019, despite the fact that he primarily streamed content centered on gameplay from Super Smash Bros. Melee, Mario Party 2, and Dark Souls.

On November 10, 2019, Ahgren set a new world record for the button mashing mini-game Domination that is featured in Mario Party 4. He did this by beating a tool-assisted speedrun bot that was designed to be the fastest possible. He achieved a score of 201, which was higher than the previous limit of 160 and was made possible by a mod that increased the maximum number of points that could be scored.

Owen S. Good, a reporter for Polygon, drew a comparison between the expressions of Ahgren and NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal after O’Neal’s famous alley-oop dunk in the Western Conference Finals of the year 2000. Good said, “Ahgren’s expression after completing the feat was very similar to Shaquille O’Neal’s “If extraterrestrials landed on earth and asked me to describe what video games are and why they are entertaining, I would show them this. Please take a knee, Ludwig “.

What Is Mew2King and Plup,

Ahgren, along with other Melee competitors and personalities like as Mew2King and Plup, participated in an invitational tournament for Pokémon Sword and Shield hosted by the 2016 Pokémon World Champion, Wolfe Glick, in January 2020. Ahgren finished in first place in the competition.

 In addition, Ahgren triumphed against Mang0 and Destiny to take first place in an invitation-only event hosted by Americas Cardroom and aimed at determining who would be crowned the “King of Twitch Poker.”

In June of 2020, Ahgren was given the opportunity to participate against other well-known Twitch streamers in the amateur chess tournament PogChamps hosted by He finished in second place in the tournament’s consolation bracket. As a consequence of this, Ahgren was featured prominently on the cover of the August 2020 issue of Chess Life.

A Very Mogul Christmas was the title of Ahgren’s Christmas-themed extended play, which was published on December 7, 2020.

How Many channels Of Ahgren Now?

Both of Ahgren’s channels on Twitch and YouTube reached one million subscribers during the same month. Cale Michael of Dot Esports attributed Ahgren’s meteoric rise to his “Twitch stream expanding, continued collaboration with other big creators, and his willingness to try new forms of content out both live and for his YouTube channel.”

Together with another Twitch streamer named Cr1TiKaL, Ahgren launched a new gaming show on the platform in January 2021 called “Hivemind.”

 Participants were invited to come from all over Twitch to take part in the show.

Ahgren was one of a large number of streamers whose profits on Twitch were made public in October 2021 as a result of a data breach. The breach indicated that Ahgren had earned $3.3 million on Twitch directly between August 2019 and October 2021, a statement that Ahgren himself corroborated.

Ahgren made the announcement that he will be switching from his current live-streaming platform, Twitch, to YouTube on November 29, 2021. He said that he would begin streaming on YouTube the following day, November 30. He did so by means of a short comedy video that he uploaded to his Twitter and YouTube channels. In the sketch, he could be seen exploding a purple automobile, which was meant to represent Twitch. During the beginning stages of his presence on the platform, Ahgren was hit with two DMCA-related bans, which resulted in the temporary suspension of his feeds.

At the YouTube Theater on July 2, 2022, Ludwig staged his long-awaited Mogul Money Live gameshow in front of more than 5,000 people who had purchased tickets in advance. The venue was sold out.

 Pokimane, xQc, Sykkuno, Mizkif, Sodapoppin, Fuslie, ConnorEatsPants, Will Neff, and Nick Envy are some of the competitors in this competition (Falco). Sykkuno triumphed in the competition and was awarded the prize of a Golden Toilet as a result of his victory. [31] On Ludwig’s channel on YouTube, the event achieved a new streaming record with 146,699 Peak Viewers, which was a new high.

 A “subathon,” which is an abbreviation for “subscription marathon” and refers to a specific kind of livestream that can be found on Twitch, adds more time to a countdown timer each time a streamer receives a subscription, which are donations of $5 from viewers[35]. [36] [37] The broadcast will be terminated as soon as the timer hits zero. [36] During his subathon, Ahgren earned over 282,000 subscriptions,[36] which enabled him to beat the record for the most concurrent subscribers on Twitch, which had previously been held by Tyler “Ninja” Blevins in 2018.

People on the internet have been curious about what took place after the video showing Ludwig being swatted by police officers during a live feed went viral. They want to know why the policemen went to his house.

A debate that took place on Twitter in July between Ludwig and Los Pollos centered on the question of whether or not slot machines are a worse kind of gambling or promotion for children than the Pokémon card meta that Ludwig was taking part in.

After that, the police swatted Los Pollos, and immediately after that, Adin Ross said that Ludwig had already disseminated the practice across his area prior to the police swatting Los Pollos. Adin Ross shared with his 60,000 viewers the information that Ludwig was the one who attacked Los Pollos. Something very similar to what happened to you could have also happened to Ludwig.

More recently, Ludwig suggested that people watch a documentary on Netflix that was connected to the film “Web of Make Believe,” which was about a streamer who passed away after being swatted. Ludwig highlighted this film in his mogul message.

As soon as his internet swatting video was taken down, Ludwig published a new video in which he asserted that he and the police were getting along great and that there was no damage to anyone as a result of his actions.

He stated that he remained in the back of a police car for an hour while the officers checked in at his residence. Before the police arrived, the YouTuber was still alive and in the middle of hosting a chess tournament. In addition to that, this is not the first time someone has hit him with a swatter. It had previously occurred to him.

In a webcast that was held shortly after the event, Ludwig provided his commentary on what had taken place. “Am I good?” “Yeah, I’m good,” he responded, much to the relief of many who admired him. However, he was scratched by his cat, and the fear and worry that he felt caused him to start bleeding.

Who is Ludwig Girlfrien ?

Blaire, a popular streamer and YouTuber, is known by her online alias QTcinderella. Her role as founder and host of The Streamer Awards has brought her a great deal of notoriety. In addition to that, she works as a content producer for the well-known esports organization Team SoloMid.

In addition, since June of this year, QTcinderella, her boyfriend at the time, and fellow streamer Ludwig Ahgren have been working together on a consistent basis to generate content.