Pokemon Go Arlo May 2022, What Are The Pokemon Go Arlo May 2022 Counters?

Pokemon Go Arlo 

Pokemon Go Arlo is a recreation that’s the rocket staff chief is tough and by figuring out the counters weak point the participant can go for victory. Not too long ago, in the pokemon recreation, Arlo is executing the main Pokemon recreation randomly.  The main three phases of the recreation are, 

Pokemon Go Arlo May 2022 

In the recreation Pokemon Go Arlo May 2022, there are numerous and selection of characters to make a battle towards the opponent, therefore you possibly can defeat them in the recreation. In this recreation, you possibly can set the character as Rocket Radar to your character. With this Radar as your character, you possibly can combat the battle towards the opponent of your staff. This recreation has many options in the recreation, the correct steering of the recreation makes you journey with the Pokemon as Pokemon Go and it has huge characters to make the battle towards in-game. So, in this new recreation  Pokemon Go Arlo May 2022, Arlo counters you possibly can beat in Pokemon Go. 

Pokemon Go Arlo May 2022 Counters

Pokemon Go Arlo Counters has completely had three rounds /phases. 

Spherical 1-  Exeggcute 

Volcarona Bug Chunk/Bug Buzz
Genesect  Fury Cutter/ X-Scissor 
Escavalier  Bug Chunk / Megahorn 
Pinsir  Bug Chunk / Megahorn 
Yanmega  Bug Chunk / Bug Buzz

Spherical 2- Salesman/ Alon  Exeggcutor/ Dragonite 

Darmanitan  Ice Fag / Avalanche 
Kyurem  Dragon Tail 
Mamoswine  Powder Snow / Avalanche 
Weavile  Ice Shard / Avalanche  
Glaceon  Frost Breathe / Avalanche 

Spherical 3- Scizor/ Steelix/ Gardevoir 

Zacian  Steel Claw 
Metagross  Bullet Punch 
Chandelure  Hex 
Gengar  Lick 
Dragapult  Hex 

Scizor/ Steelix 

Reshiram  Fireplace Fang 
Chandelure  Fireplace Spin 
Darmanitan  Fireplace Fang 
Volcarona Fireplace Spin
Blaziken  Fireplace Spin


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