Putnam? County Commissioner Jimmy Neal Faces Child Exploitation Charges, Here Are The Details

Jimmy Neal is a doled out County Commisioner for Putnam’s District 9. A authorities felony grievance was first recorded towards the official after he utilized a Kik file to examine teenager erotic leisure and different unequivocal contents.

The state of affairs unfolded amongst June and August 2021. The exploring specialists discovered that Jimmy’s Kik account was linked to Neal’s phone quantity and the depiction tag of a province commisioner.


When addressed, Neal let the specialists know that he was using the spam file to beware of the felony operations and violations being carried out on the stage and was likewise taking notes of what to show to the division. Be that as it could, the earlier Freeway patrolman didn’t show his notes to the policing, in this method making him at fault for the wrongdoing.

Who Is Jimmy Neal From Putnam? Jimmy Neal is a earlier Freeway patrolman and District 9 County Justice of the Peace for Putnam County. Jimmy was captured and addressed for the gathering and possession of child obscene contents.

He utilized a Kik file to commit the demonstrations and later advised the exploring group that his file was supposed to thoughts the felony operations over the group and that he was taking vital notes to reply to policing.

The events from June 2021 have proactively been arriving at a yr mark but, no comment was made shut by and no report was documented of the purported ‘taken’ notes. Again in 2014, Jimmy Neal was a political chance for District 6 seat on Putnam County Education Board in Tennessee. His Ballatopedia web page has prosecuted his political resolution run and the outcomes.

On August 7, 2014, the Putnam County Board of Education political resolution was held and Commisioner Jimmy Neal misplaced the political race with an virtually 200 votes edge. His sturdy adversary was Jerry Maynard, who bought 54.4% of the absolute votes. Jerry bought 1024 votes whereas Non-sectarian Jimmy bought 859 votes. A sum of 1885 votes had been projected in the 2014 political resolution.

Area Commissioner Jimmy Neal Arrested In Child Exploitation Case Area Commissioner Jimmy Neal has been captured for the belonging and survey of child obscene content material on Kik. The expenses had been squeezed for Jimmy’s actions from June 2021 to August 2021.

Jimmy has been filling in as the Putnam District 9 County Commisioner for five years at this level, subsequent to taking the office in January 2017. He was beforehand a Lieutenant for Tenessee Freeway Patrol and served 28 lengthy years in assist. For fairly a while, he crammed in as the Deputy Sheriff for Putnam County’s Sheriff Division. He began his work in October 1987.

Examine Details On Jimmy Neal’s Spouse And Wikipedia Comparatively few subtleties have been shared about Jimmy Neal’s family subtleties and his higher half. Safety has been saved up with over the make a distinction to regard the fragile concept of the wrongdoing and the case. The Commissioner has not been highlighted on the authority Wikipedia bio web page but.