Renovation Island Residents Bryan and Sarah Baeumler Announced The Arrival Of Their First Child By Posting Pictures To Facebook

Renovation Island Residents Bryan and Sarah Baeumler Announced The Arrival Of Their First Child By Posting Pictures To Facebook

The hosts of the reality television series Island of Bryan on HGTV Canada are a married couple by the name of Bryan and Sarah Baeumler.

Bryan and Sarah are the two people in charge of hosting Renovation Island. Throughout the television series, they discussed various aspects of their lives, including those at home and at work. The first episode of the show was broadcast in the spring of 2019, most likely on House of Bryana and Bryan Inc.

Prior to that, Bryan and Sarah began their acting careers in the two shows alongside their children. Even Adam, who worked as Bryan’s apprentice, was a participant in the series. The Baeumler family was involved in the restoration and renovation of a seaside resort located on a tropical island. They ran the island as if it were their own, despite the fact that they had purchased it by using all of their resources as collateral for a loan.

The initial season achieved a ranking of third place among specialized television shows in Canada. On HGTV Canada, viewers ranked this show higher than any other series for more than a decade. Even the series itself had been brought back to its original state for its second season. Bryan, a builder and a Canadian owner, and Sarah Baeumler, a designer and a Canadian owner, as well as their four children—the eldest son Quentin, the eldest daughter Charlotte, the youngest son Lincoln, and the youngest daughter Josephine—make up the core ensemble of the series.

Bryan’s construction is being supervised by Adam Weir, who is also a Canadian apprentice builder. The supplementary cast of the series includes characters such as Trish, Nyguen, Hatchie, Poitier, Derek, Quincy, Jimbo, Antonio, and Wendell, among others.

Renovation Island’s Bryan and Sarah Baeumler Welcomed A New Child Into Their Family

No, Bryan and Sarah had no new baby in 2020. Josephine is the family’s youngest and final boy to be born. In addition, the couple was blessed with four beautiful children: two sons and two daughters. On November 17, 2010, Bryan uploaded a picture to Facebook showing Lincoln Wolfgang Baeumler with his hand in his own.

2005 is the year of Quintyn Werner’s birth. On January 26, 2012, he had a party to commemorate his birthday. A picture of Bryan’s son when he was seven years old was uploaded online by Bryan. The host revealed that Charlotte had a fantastic birthday on May 1, 2020, and she pinned, “We have officially another teenager in the family.”

On November 28th, 2012, Bryan posted a picture of Josephine Judith Baeumler shortly after she was born. The flagship show, Renovation Island, is hosted by Bryan and Sarah, and the series focuses on the family and their adventures. The pair is in the process of restoring an older resort on San Andros Island in the Bahamas.

While Sarah is a designer, Bryan is in the construction business. Both of them put their heads together to come up with an expert plan for the renovation. In 2017, the pair traveled to the Island for their holiday. During that time period, the two individuals entertained the concept of restoring the dilapidated hotel known as the Emerald Palms.

The concert, on the other hand, had some difficulties in the days before because to Hurricane Dorian and the COVID-19 pandemic. As a direct consequence of this, the hotel spent a few months researching the year 2020. Later on in the broadcast, they showcased one of their children.

Sarah Baeumler, an inventive entrepreneur and visual storyteller, was born in Canada to parents who are always there to provide a helping hand.

Bryan and Sarah Baeumler Had Four Children

Quintyn Werner, Charlotte Anne, Lincoln Wolfgang, and Josephine Judith were the children that Bryan and Sarah were blessed with. The couple had been together for a while before getting married in 2004. Quintyn is the family’s firstborn son and the oldest child overall. At this point in time, he is 17 years old.

The couple went on to have a second child, a boy named Lincoln, who is possibly 11 years old now. And at the moment, Josephine is nine years old. They took turns caring for each other’s children during the course of the show’s first two seasons. Following their relocation to San Andros Island, the parents made the decision to educate their children at home.

Sharah decided to enroll their children in the nearby school when the building job grew too challenging and risky for them to handle at home. On the other hand, the couple’s oldest son decided to start attending high school. They boarded their youngster in a school that was approximately 20 minutes away by flight.

The relocation of their children to the island was something that Bryan thought was appropriate. His children have grown up quickly thanks to all of the new opportunities and adventures they have had on the island. In a video clip, Sarah discussed the parenting she received when she was a child. She mentioned that they took their children to a number of different countries.

Sarah has high expectations that her children will appreciate the advantages of residing on the Island. The couple rescheduled their vacation at their resort for October in the year 2020. In spite of this, the Covid protocol made it difficult for the consumer to travel to the island.

Fans were led to believe that the pair had a new kid after Bryan uploaded a picture of his daughter Charlotte when she was younger on the occasion of her 15th birthday.

Bryan and Sarah Baeumler’s Family Details

After beginning their renovations in the Bahamas, the Baeumler family decided to make their home on the island. The couple collaborates on the refurbishment of an outdated hotel that is more than half a century old. The series was filmed and broadcast all 13 episodes of the series while the Covid-19 Pandemic was ongoing.

Both Bryan and Sarah put in a lot of effort to be a successful pair. The pair believed that starting a family was the most important thing in their lives and that everything else came in a distant second. Even the two of them enjoyed participating in a wide array of aquatic activities. At the vacation home, their favorite activities are water skiing, wakeboarding, and tubing.

Bryan and Sarah go fishing in Florida on their trip aboard the boat that they took there together. Both members of the couple hold scuba diving certifications. The pair starts a new chapter in their lives after their trip to South Andros. The couple purchased an abandoned resort that had been abandoned in 2011 and refurbished it.

Oakville, Ontario, Canada was where Bryan’s father, an aircraft engineer, took his family when he was born. When the host was a kid, he would watch and learn from his father how to do the job. Even the host spent his summers as a child working on projects at the cottage that belonged to his family.

When Bryan was only 14 years old, he launched his own handyman business. In the latter part of the year 1996, the host graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Business from the University of Western Ontario.

When Bryan and Sarah Baeumler Met Each Other?

Bryan and Sarah first crossed paths ten years ago while they were students at the same high school. Throughout those years, the pair maintains contact with one another. They have degrees from high school, universities, and post-graduate institutions. After then, a common acquaintance of theirs wrote both of them, and they resumed their conversation.

After some time had passed, Bryan and Sarah made the decision to have coffee together. In the year 2001, the pair went on their first date in the city of Toronto. Following their performance in the stage adaptation of “The Lion King,” the pair went on their first date and enjoyed a delicious sushi meal.

The designer family gave Bryan and Sarah a tour of their home in Nova Scotia. During that point, the presenter made several attempts to purpose her. However, due to the conditions outside, Bryan waited until nightfall to propose to her. The wedding took place at the Graydon Hall Manor in Toronto on September 3, 2004, and the couple exchanged their vows there.

Las Vegas played host to Bryan and Sarah’s honeymoon. A beach house had been reserved for them at the breathtaking location by their gracious host. In spite of this, the couple was forced to call off the house because of the hurricane that hit the coast of Florida. After that, they decided to wing it and book a trip to Vegas online at the eleventh hour.