Selvena Brooks-Powers: Lead-footed councilwoman caught speeding three times AFTER pledging to ‘do better’

NEW YORK’S QUEENS Despite her promise to “do better,” the City Council’s transportation chair has been caught speeding as many as three times recently.

Selvena Brooks-Powers (D-Queens) made a commitment to uphold the law in April after a local news outlet discovered she had received 17 speeding citations in just 11 months. Brooks-Powers, 39, reportedly stated, “I absolutely swear to do better,” after being warned for speeding.

On April 24, June 23, and July 22 city cameras recorded her going beyond the speed limit, despite her commitment. According to Streetsblog, the councilwoman received two speeding fines on days when she was touring the city and talking with her colleagues about public transportation. Nearly all of the driving offenses Brooks-Powers committed were in Queens, where as of July 31 this year, 27 people had perished in auto accidents.

Florida official Joe Mullins was apprehended after a speeding stop and was heard saying, “I govern the county.”

Three children are killed in a violent collision when a “drunk” motorist smashes a guard rail during a high-speed police pursuit.

Due to her driving history, Brooks-Powers is eligible for the “hazardous vehicle abatement program.” A car with 15 or more speed camera citations in a year may be impounded by the city under the program until the registered owner completes a driver safety course. She may or may not have been registered for the program, though.

In recent years, several US politicians have engaged in traffic infractions. The motorcade of Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot was stopped for many traffic and speeding violations, but none of the $658 in fines had been paid. The legislator has advocated for more severe penalties for motorists who are caught speeding. Lightfoot’s SUVs have been a part of at least eight incidents since February 2020. Her cars are shown in several events captured on video that CWB Chicago was able to obtain and unearth. Two Ford Expedition SUVs can be seen speeding through a set of red lights in one footage. In their wake, traffic cameras may be seen flashing. In another footage, a black Chevy SUV can be seen turning left at a wide intersection during a red signal. It is unknown if Lightfoot was in the SUVs when the accidents occurred, and even if she had been, she apparently would not have been behind the wheel.

Amy DeGise, a councilwoman from New Jersey, was recently caught on camera running over a cyclist with her SUV at a Jersey City crossroads before racing off without stopping. After hitting Andrew Black, 29, a bicyclist, on July 19 at roughly 8 am, Amy DeGise has been requested to retire. The incident happened at the intersection of Forrest Street and Martin Luther King Drive.

The father of a five-year-old child, meantime, expressed his fear that Wisconsin Democratic leader Janet Bewley, who was involved in a car accident that claimed the lives of his daughter and wife, will not be charged. Marine Brandon Fink has criticized Bewley for failing to contact him following the horrific crash. The day before the terrible collision that claimed the lives of Fink’s wife Alyssa Ortman, 27, and daughter Khali, 5, Bewley, 70, underwent cataract surgery.