Tarek Zahed Nationality and Origin, Where Is The Bikie Boss Really From?

Youssef Assoum was killed by a well-known person from Australia named Tarek Zahed.

Zahed is the violent leader of the Comanchero gang, and he has been charged with murder. The boss did things that were against the law, so the police told him more than once. The police shot at his car and pulled him out. His head was wrapped in a bandage.

Zahed was in Edgecliff on the busy New South Head Road in his black NMW. After that, the boss opened a case involving murder and kidnapping. He was thought to have killed Youssef Assoum in 2014. He shot and stabbed a 29-year-old boy in Bankstown.

Who Tarek Zahed is and where he comes from

Zahed is an Australian citizen. He is a member of the Motorcycle Club Comanchero, an Australian gang. In May, the rapper lived through being shot 10 times. It said that the 42-year-old man took an active role in killing Assoum.

Superintendent Danny Doherty says that police think he killed this person and that other people are involved. When the case was talked about in Downing Centre Local Court, Zahed didn’t show up.

The lawyer told Magistrate Robert William about the case. On Monday, the bail hearing will be moved to Bankstown Local Court. Also, the court heard the case again in October. Superintendent Doherty said that Zahed, the national sergeant-at-arms for the Comanchero, came back from Melbourne.

Zahed went to an event in Bondi, which is in Sydney. The boss went to Melbourne to get away from the police. So, he doesn’t go back to his home town. The Serious Crime Prevention Order had told him about a crime in his area. Superintendent Doherty says that even he told about his return to town.

Zahed’s brother Omar died instantly at a gym in western Sydney, but Zahed miraculously lived.

About Tarek Zahed’s Family

In May 2022, Zahed lost a member of his family. Abc Australia posted a video of the scene on YouTube with the title “Tarek Zahed’s brother dies in a double shooting.” But in the incident, he was shot ten times and lived.

ABC News reports around the clock on the death of Zahed’s brother as soon as the news comes out in Australia. He put his life and his brother’s life in danger by doing things that were against the law. At this point, the person who killed Youssef Assoum has been charged with his crime. In addition to this, the boss was responsible for a number of serious crimes and violent acts in the city.

A few more details about Omar’s murder:

  • ABC New Australia reported on May 11, 2022, that Tarek Zahed’s brother had died.
  • On Tuesday night, the brother of Comanchero gang leader Tarek Zahed was shot and killed in the lobby of a Western Sydney gym.
  • Both Omar and Zahad were hit by multiple gunshots and were hurt by the gunfire.
  • At Bodyfit Fitness Centre, they fired a lot of shots at each other.
  • It happened on Parramatta Road in Auburn.

Where does Tarek Zahed come from, really?

Zahed, who is in charge of the murder squad, might be from Sydney. Sources say that the boss was born and raised in Sydney. Last year, he moved to Melbourne to avoid the police. He had been shot before, but that wasn’t linked to the murder case from eight years ago.

In 2014, Zahed made a plan to kill Assoum. The boss and his brother, who is 39, shot at the body fit gym in Auburn. But he is at the scene when his brother or sister dies.

Last weekend, Zahed took the picture to Melbourne and showed it to other people he thought were in the underworld. He put the picture on Instagram, and he was wearing designer clothes. Superintendent Doherty said that they lived like gangsters and spent a lot of money.

In 2019, when police brought Hamzeh Bahrami, Bradley Daniele was in jail for driving recklessly. While Bahrami was taking a shower, Daniele hit him.

Youssef Assoum was killed by an Australian socialite named Tarek Zahed

Zahed, a cruel Comanchero boss, is said to have killed someone. Police gave the boss a lot of warnings about his illegal behavior. After shooting at his car, the police took him out and put a bandage on his head.

Zahed was driving his black NMW on Edgecliff’s busy New South Head Road. The boss then opened a case for murder and kidnapping. He was a possible suspect in the case of Youssef Assoum’s death in 2014. He stabbed and shot a boy, 29, in Bankstown. The boy was 29 years old.

Zahed is a person with Australian citizenship. He is a member of the Australian gang called the Motorcycle Club Comanchero. In May, the rapper was shot 10 times, but he lived. It said that the 42-year-old man was directly involved in killing Assoum.

Superintendent Danny Doherty says that the murder is being done by more than one person, but that the police think he did it. Zahed didn’t show up when the case was talked about in Downing Center Local Court.

Magistrate Robert William and the lawyer talked about the case. The bail hearing will take place in Bankstown Local Court on Monday. Also, the case was heard again in court in October. Superintendent Doherty says that the Comanchero national sergeant-at-arms, Zahed, has come back from Melbourne.

Zahed went to a party at Bondi Beach in Sydney. To avoid getting caught by the police, the boss moved to Melbourne. So, he doesn’t go back to his hometown. Serious Crime Prevention Order had told him what was going on in his area. Superintendent Doherty says that even he told about his return to town.

Zahed’s brother Omar died right away in a gym in western Sydney, but Zahed, by some miracle, managed to stay alive.

In May 2022, Zahed’s family lost a member. “Brother of Comanchero bikie chief Tarek Zahed dies in double shooting,” said the title of the video on YouTube, which was posted by Abc Australia. But he was able to stand up to ten shots during the fight.

When news comes out in Australia that Zahed’s brother has died, ABC News is there right away to cover it. Because of his wrongdoing, he put his own life and that of his brother in danger. The person who killed Youssef Assoum is now being charged with his murder. Also, the boss was involved in violent crime and other serious crimes in the city.

Here are some details about Omar’s killing:

Both Omar and Zahad were shot, and both of them had multiple gunshot wounds.

At Bodyfit Fitness Center, both of them were shot more than once.

The event took place on Parramatta Road in Auburn.

Zahed could be from Sydney, which is where the head of the murder unit is from. People in the know say that the leader is from Sydney. He moved to Melbourne last year to get away from the police. He had been shot before, and the case didn’t have anything to do with the murder from eight years ago.

Zahed had already planned to kill Assoum in 2014. At Auburn’s Body Fit gym, the boss and his brother, who is 39 years old, started shooting. He does, however, see his brother or sister die there.

Zahed shared the picture with other people he thought were in the mafia over the weekend in Melbourne. He posted the picture on Instagram while he was dressed in expensive clothes. Superintendent Doherty said that they lived like gangsters and were very wealthy.

In 2019, when the police arrested Hamzeh Bahrami, Bradley Daniele was already in jail for driving recklessly. Daniele attacked Bahrami while she was taking a shower.

Tarek Zahed Wiki

Tarek Zahed is well-known for his roles as a public figure, criminal, and boss in the industry. He was born in Australia. He is well-known for the violent things he is known to have done and for being in jail. He has also done a lot of things that are against the law. Because of what Tarek has done, there is a lot of talk about him on the internet right now. He was told many times not to do what he was doing, but he didn’t change.

A group of hitmen went after Tarek and shot him a lot. He is the leader of the notorious Outlaw Motorcycle Club Comanchero. The club is known for the illegal things that its members do because of what he tells them to do. Read on to find out more about Tarek Zahed’s early life, his career, and his net worth, as well as his family and his dating life.

Early life and Background of Tarek Zahed

Tarek Zahed came into the world in the year 1980. There is no information about the exact date he was born. He was born in the state of Victoria, which is part of Australia. Because he is a member of a criminal group, not much is known about where he came from. No one at the school he went to had ever seen it. It is well known that he moved around Australia from city to city and never settled down in one place. We also don’t know how he got started in crime or how well-known he became for it.

He might not have been interested in it, but it happened because of something else. In 1995, he attacked a police officer for the first time. This was the start of his career as a criminal. After that year, he kept breaking the law over and over again. Since he was a child, the police and many other gangs have been after him. He is 40 years old at this moment.

Tarek Zahed’s life and work

Tarek Zahed started working for the Comanchero Bike club, which he had joined, in 2009. In 2001, he first showed signs that he was becoming more like a criminal. After that, he was attacked several times, and because of that, he got five years in prison. When he got out of prison in 2009, he joined the club right away. In 2011, he was running when he got into a fight on the street with the bike club and another gang. He could have gotten up to eight years in prison because of this. He went on to become a well-known criminal because of this.

In the year 2020, when he got out of prison, he joined the Outlaw Motorcycle Club right away and was soon made National Sergeant of Arms. He took over right away as the leader of the motorcycle club. The next year, in 2022, members of a different gang’s hit squad shot at him with guns. From the beginning of his life, both the police and the gangs had their eyes on him. You could say that he is a well-known criminal who needs to pay for what he did.

About Tarek Zahed’s life (Girlfriend, Wife & Children)

Tarek Zahed hasn’t said anything at all about his personal life. We don’t know much about his past relationships, and we have no idea if he is married or not. It’s not likely that he is, and it’s even less likely that he has kids. Tarek has always been and will always be a leader in the criminal world. That is the only thing he has ever known for sure. He is much less open about his private life because he doesn’t want to get other people involved in something that could be dangerous. There’s a chance that soon, details about his private life will be made public. No one knows, according to our sources, if any of his family members visit him in the hospital or not. It is never talked about with anyone, ever.

Most of Tarek Zahed’s money comes from his involvement with criminal gangs. He also has connections to people who sell drugs. People know that by the year 2020, he was living a very comfortable life. Because he was the club’s leader, he was able to enjoy all of life’s best things. We know nothing at all about how much money he has. But, according to the sources, he has a lot of property, whether he got it legally or not. We came up with a rough estimate, and we think that all of his money is worth around $600,000.

Some things you might not know about Tarek

Because of recent events, the police have banned Tarek Khalid’s Tik Tok.

Most of the time, he keeps a low profile on social media.

The Hamzy clan might have attacked Tarek. This is something that is being looked into.

He never leaves the house without a T-shirt from his biker gang.