The Surprising Truth About Roland Dane’s Wife and Daughter Jessica Dane’s Net Worth

Roland Dane is about to retire and spend the rest of his life travelling the world with his wife. His daughter Jessica Dane will take over his business empire in the racing sector after he passes it on to her.

Entrepreneur in the automotive sector from both Ireland and Australia, his most significant achievements include the establishment of the racing companies Triple Eight Racing in Britain and Triple Eight Race Engineering in Australia. He is of Irish and Australian descent.

The Truth About Roland Dane’s Wife, Never Before Revealed

Roland’s company is widely regarded as the driving force behind the development of the racing industry in both Britain and Australia. The remarkable expansion of the racing sector around the world may be attributed, in part, to the collaborative efforts of the two companies.

Despite hailing from such a famous family, Roland Dane’s wife has managed to keep her identity a closely guarded secret from the general public. Because she has not yet been spotted in public, nobody is aware of who she is or where she originates from.

The presence of the businessman’s daughter, who is a well-known character and a strong challenger, is an essential component in the efficient working of the company. It has been made official that Jamie Whincup will succeed Dane senior in his roles as managing director and team principal. Whincup, who has announced that he would retire from full-time racing at the end of the 2021 season, will take up Dane senior’s responsibilities after his retirement.

Jessica Dane, daughter of Roland Dane has a Net Worth of

In the annals of Australian motorsport, Roland Dane is credited with establishing one of the most successful race teams ever. Because his daughter Jessica has worked at Triple Eight in various capacities for the past almost 11 years, in addition to her previous work there on a part-time basis, his staff also has a strong sense of the importance of family.

Despite the fact that she comes from a family that is well renowned for their good business approach and their fortune, she never discusses her income in public settings. After the departure of her father from the company, Jessica has emerged as one of the most important members of the Triple Eight team and is devoting her efforts entirely to the development of the business.

At Triple Eight Race Engineering Australia, Jessica Dane is a Team Co-Owner in addition to Managing the Commercial Operations of the Company.

As a key person in the horse racing industry in Australia, Ronald was an important influence on his daughter’s professional life. He was in his thirties when he first launched his professional career in Australia. The British Touring Car Championship was already in Dane’s back pocket when he started getting ready to go for Australia. In addition to this, he had a wealth of experience working in the automobile business. He began his career at Panther Westwinds as a gopher, and eventually worked his way up through the ranks to become the owner of the company.

Later on, Dane established his own sales business, which currently generates annual revenue of multiple millions of dollars by selling a wide variety of products, ranging from Ferrari exotica to Land Rover Defenders. As a consequence of this, he is in possession of a large number of insider tales, which range from endeavours to construct giant hovercrafts for highly affluent American clients to endeavours to armor-coat autos for both the good and the bad.

How much money does Roland Dane have?

In Australia’s horse racing sector, Roland is regarded as one of the most successful and prosperous businesspeople. However, he has not disclosed his earnings; however, it is anticipated that he has a net worth of more than $2 Million at this time.

Roland Dane is responsible for establishing what would go on to become one of the most successful racing teams in the history of motorsport in both Australia and the United Kingdom. His father was one of the first members of Britain’s elite SAS military team and also found the secret to the hepatitis B virus. He is a champion yachtsman, collects one-of-a-kind works of art, and has a father who discovered the secret to the hepatitis B virus. Additionally, he owns a property in Brisbane that looks like it was taken straight out of Vogue Living magazine.

Roland Dane is not just a prominent figure in the Australian racing industry, but he is also a pathologist and clinical virologist trained in the United Kingdom.

In the early part of his twenties, he founded a company that specialised in automobiles, sold more than ninety brand-new Rolls-Royces and Bentleys in a single year, and even competed in MotoGP racing in Britain. In addition, he has operated hotels and restaurants under his own name. The only time that most people see Dane is in a photograph that is framed by the pit bunker that is used by the Red Bull Holden Racing Team.

Since Dane’s team first won and then controlled the Australian Touring Car Championship during the Supercars period, which provided the most intense and closely contested racing in the annals of tin-top motorsport, it has been a joyful scene. The racing in this period provided the most intense and closely contested racing in the annals of tin-top motorsport.


Kingdom of England

David Dane, a prominent British pathologist and clinical virologist, is Dane’s father. Dane is David Dane’s son. Before leaving his position as a sales executive at the automotive manufacturer Panther Westwinds in 1984, Dane began his career there in 1975 as an apprentice. He went on to serve in a variety of roles at the company, including those mentioned above, before leaving in 1984. In 1986, Dane established Park Lane Limited as a car dealership in London. The business, which is now focused on selling luxury vehicles throughout the British Isles and Asia Pacific, was first named after Dane.

Dane established the Park Lane Racing team in 1991 in collaboration with the racing driver Derek Warwick. The team participated in the British Touring Car Championship (BTCC) in 1992 and 1993. After that, Dane, Warwick, and Ian Harrison established Triple Eight Race Engineering in the latter half of 1996. The team went on to win six championships in a row while competing as the works Vauxhall team from 1997 to 2009, when Vauxhall withdrew from the category. In 2018, the team, which had later received assistance from the manufacturer MG, ended operations as a business.

By the year 2002, Dane and Warwick had already divested themselves of their ownership stake in the team, and Dane had relocated to Australia. As part of its operations in the United Kingdom, Triple Eight Racing had already competed in two events in Australia in the late 1990s. These were the Bathurst 1000 races in 1997 and 1998, both of which were held according to the regulations of the Super Touring category and were open to BTCC entrants for the only time. In addition to co-owner Warwick, the team recruited local Holden drivers over the course of those two years. Holden is a sister business to Vauxhall, and among those drivers was nine-time winner Peter Brock in 1997. The second car that the crew entered in the 1998 race was also altered to look like a Holden.


In 2003, Dane purchased the V8 Supercars team Briggs Motor Sport after earlier talks to buy the Holden Racing Team were abandoned due to the failure of the previous owners, Tom Walkinshaw Racing. This collapse was the result of the bankruptcy of Tom Walkinshaw Racing. This event marked the beginning of the establishment of Triple Eight Race Engineering (Australia) with Warwick, Harrison, and Peter Butterly serving as equal partners in the enterprise. The team also recruited French engineer Ludo Lacroix, who had worked for the team during the BTCC era, to the Australian operation, and he took on the role of Technical Director before later defecting to rivals DJR Team Penske in 2016. During his time with the team, Ludo Lacroix had worked as a race engineer for the team.

In 2005, Craig Lowndes won the team’s inaugural race, and between 2006 and 2008, he and Jamie Whincup won three consecutive editions of the Bathurst 1000. In addition, Whincup won the championship for Ford in 2008 and 2009, but in 2010, Roland Dane facilitated his move to the Holden team, which allowed him to compete for the title. During the 2010s, the team went on to win a total of six championships, including five Whincup titles as well as four Bathurst 1000s. Additionally, the team started competing as the factory Holden team in the category beginning in 2016.

Between the years 2004 and 2017, Dane served on the Board of Directors of Supercars for a total of 12 out of the 14 years that were during this time period. As of the year 2014, Dane has taken over as the team’s majority shareholder, with Harrison maintaining a minority interest. The next year, in 2015, Dane sold a minority ownership in the company to Paul Dumbrell, Tim Miles, and Trinette Schipkie. In 2018, Jamie Whincup and Dane’s daughter Jessica joined the company as part-owners, succeeding Trinette Schipkie. Dane obtained his citizenship of Australia in the year 2016. In the year 2021, Dane made the announcement that he would be stepping down from his positions at Triple Eight at the end of the year. Whincup, who had previously made the announcement that he would retire from full-time driving, would take Dane’s place. Additionally, Dane’s percentage of ownership in the team was cut down to 11%.